SimplePlanes New Version (v1.3.15)

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
1.3.15 Release Notes:

• Entirely rewritten input system:
--- The input system we were using before has been totally removed and replaced wholesale with a new one which gives a TON more options and supports a much wider range of input devices. It is a bit more involved to set up, but it should allow older/more advanced input devices to be configured properly.
--- You can now click the right mouse button to enable "Mouse as Joystick" to fly the aircraft with the mouse.
--- You can now move the camera from the joystick by using a modifier button (defaults to left trigger on recognized gamepads).
--- We will be adding more default mappings for joysticks. For now, any recognized "Dual Analog" gamepad should automatically be setup with reasonable default controls. Any device which is not recognized should be capable of being properly mapped, however.
• Switched back to DirectX 11 as a default as some people were having "black screen" issues. We switched from DX11 b/c of other problems people were having, but it appeared to create more problems than it solved.
• You can force DirectX 9 if you experience issues by setting a launch option for the game of "-force-d3d9".
• Some people asked to be able to run the game on a monitor other than the primary monitor. You can now do this by setting a launch option of "-show-screen-selector" and selecting a different monitor. Note: any option other than monitor selection from this screen has not been thoroughly tested, and any other changes has undetermined behavior.
• There are additional small fixes/enhancements as well, including...
--- Fixed label for range selection when in sandbox dogfight.
--- Additional log information/error isolation to aid in troubleshooting problems.
--- Warning when entering dogfight with a plane that has no weapons.

NOTE: Since the input system used now is entirely different, all custom inputs will need to be re-assigned.

We have other enhancements/additions/features in the pipeline which will be released as soon as they are finished, but we wanted to get some input improvements out asap as we've been getting a lot of feedback about the lack of device support/configuration options with the previous input system.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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