How should we handle disabled achievements?

By Jack Watling, 1 year ago
One thing that's great about achievements on Steam is how easy it is for developers to add more! However one thing that's not so great is how easy it is for them to totally remove achievements from games... cry

When removed, the achievement definitely looks as though it's gone as you won't be able to see it when checking your Steam achievement progress for a game. However, from a data perspective it still very much exists and we still get data back from the official APIs about it.

While it's great that we can still get information about these achievements, it doesn't quite work for completions. If there's an achievement that the developers have intentionally removed from a title then it can never really be completed over here.

There are a quite few ways we could account for this, but we want your input to make sure we're doing it in a way that you feel is fair for the community. Keep in mind we're thinking high level at the moment, so we're not concerned with the how it happens, but rather the what you think should happen. So what do you think?