Let Pumpkins Fly and Deal More Damage with the Hallow Point Synergy!

By doomful,
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Ark hunters,

This fall, take your enemies to hell and back with the Hallow Point Synergy! Available in Hallow Point Supply Crates in the Defiance Store until November 2, this explosive synergy will leave you feeling like the Pumpkin King.

Each time-limited box contains 1 epic or better weapon and 3 mods ranging from rare to legendary, all featuring this amazing seasonal synergy.

Activate this synergy by attaching Hallow Point Synergy mods. You’ll need to apply four mods to your Hallow Point weapon to activate all bonuses, but it only takes three to bring pumpkins into play! There’s nothing nice about being on the business end of this explosive pumpkin spice. (Removed extra add)

Synergy: Hallow Point
+6.66% Ammo Regen / 10 Secs
+13% Mag
Damaging an enemy will summon an exploding pumpkin (Cooldown: 30s)
+10% Life and Shield Steal!

Attach just one more mod and you’ll be set to suck the life out of your enemies with +10% Life and Shield Steal! As an added bonus, each Hallow Point Supply Crate now contains a chance at one of seven Jackpot Weapons:

Grave Digger (Hallowed Service Rifle)
Spine Chiller (Hallowed SMG)
Tombstone (Hallowed LM-43 Thunder)
Hobgoblin (Hallowed Berserker Shotgun)
Afterlife (Hallowed Votan Autobolter)
Phantasm (Hallowed Invader)
Black Cat (Hallowed HP-6 Wolfhound)

Spice up your arsenal now while these seasonal supplies last! Happy hunting! The Defiance Team

Psst... You. Yeah, you. Do you want to know a secret? These crates contain a chance at a special seasonal headgear!