Path of Exile 3.3.1 Adds New Incursion Rooms

By Rebecca Smith, 7 months ago
Content Update 3.3.1 arrives tomorrow for Path of Exile and it will be bringing along two new Incursion rooms: Torment Cells and Strongbox Chamber. Each of the rooms contains the usual Architect, plenty of enemies, and lots of loot. You'll also be able to encounter them like any other room, and they can be upgraded.

The Torment Cells are home to Tzamoto, Architect of Torment, as well as many Tormented Spirits who wish to possess nearby enemies. As the basic Torment Cells, players will encounter three Tormented Spirits. When the room is upgraded to Torture Cages, they'll find five Tormented Spirits to be defeated. Upgrading the room once again to the Sadist's Den will throw seven Tormeted Spirits at you. If you're working on the "Complete these Encounters I" challenge, you'll be interested to learn that Tormented Embezzlers can be found in the Sadist's Den.

Content Update 3.3.1 Incursion Rooms

Meanwhile, the Strongbox Chamber is filled with boxes. The problem is that while many contain loot, many others contain dangers. All types of strongboxes can be found here, including Cartographer's Strongboxes. There's also Zantipi, Architect of Concealment, who is trying to protect his property. As the basic Strongbox Chamber, players will find two Strongboxes. When the room is upgraded to Hall of Locks, they'll find four Strongboxes. Upgrading the room once again to the Court of Sealed Death will reveal six Strongboxes.

Content Update 3.3.1 Incursion Rooms

Will you be entering the Temple of Atzoatl to take on the new rooms when the update is released tomorrow, July 3rd?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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