Slime Rancher Gets the Party Started

By Tim S, 1 year ago
Space Ranchers, hold onto your proverbial party hats because an update to the hugely popular Slime Rancher is coming this Friday.

Slime Rancher Party 2

Monomi Park, the game's developer, has announced that this weekend will see the introduction of the Party Gordo. Popping him will unleash a flurry of festive ornaments that can be used to adorn your ranch. There's more to this party than custard creams and watered-down orange squash, though — the developers have also added presents that will be littered around the world.

Slime Rancher Party 1

If you have an actual weekend-long party to attend to in your life outside of your slime ranch and cannot attend this celebration, then fear not as this event will be ongoing every weekend with new loot to hunt.

If this party event doesn't get you excited, then feast your eyes on the updates to coincide with this blowout:


  • Added an official Chinese translation. Welcome, friends!
  • Added some improvements and optimizations around game saving and animated objects.
  • Improved visual effects for crate breaking. Fun fact: this has been on our to-do list for like, 100 years.
  • Added rich presence for Discord so now you can let your pals know where you are and what you’re up to on the range.


  • Fixed bug with some Rush Mode translations not fitting on the end-game screen.
  • Fixed bug with items sometimes getting stuck in corral barriers.
  • Fixed some spots in Mochi’s Manor where players could get stuck.
  • Fixed some spots in Moss Blanket where players could get stuck.
  • Improved the damage indicator effect.
  • Fixed a typo in Mochi’s dialogue. Mochi wanted us to make it clear that we made a mistake, not her.
  • Fixed some animation issues for silo storage screens.
  • Fixed a bug where gamepad button icons would show the wrong thing for a frame before switching to the correct icon.
  • Fixed a bug where ornaments oriented themselves facing slightly downwards. We told them to keep their chins up.
  • Fixed a bug allowing popping up certain screens while sleeping until morning.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing inaccurate shooting while running in the Nimble Valley. Again, Mochi has stated this was your fault all along.
Tim S
Written by Tim S
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