Fallout 4 Free-Play Days Ahead

By Patrick Haskins, 1 year ago
The Free-Play Trial will be active from February 1st through February 4th. Along with the free trial, there will be a few deals to go with the game. They are as stated below:

33% off:

  • Fallout 4 Core Game
40% off:

  • Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y. (Game of the Year Edition)
  • Fallout 4: Automatron
  • Fallout 4: Contraptions Workshop
  • Fallout 4: Far Harbor
  • Fallout 4: Nuka-World
  • Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop
  • Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop
50% off:

  • Fallout 4 Season Pass
Patrick Haskins
Written by Patrick Haskins
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