Estranged: Act II Gets Performance, Stability and Balance Improvements

By Austin Phoenix, 11 months ago
An update is now live containing performance and stability improvements, along with game balance changes.

Balance Changes

The dynamic resupply system has been tweaked to include ammunition for weapons, and the overall number of dynamic resupply nodes has been tripled throughout the levels. Some players fed back to us that the game didn’t give the player enough batteries, which this should help to remedy.

While there are other balance changes to be made, this is the first of many gameplay tweaks to ensure Estranged is a streamlined single-player experience.

Content Format Upgrade

For historic reasons, Estranged: Act II distributed as loose files on disk. For players with an SSD, this worked well and they would rarely see a loading screen – however, for players with mechanical hard drives, loading screens would be seen more often.

In this update, the Estranged content has moved over to a monolithic single file PAK format, similar to VPK/GFC for those more familiar with Source. This allows for disks with lower seek speeds to load content much faster.

You may notice this update takes a little longer to finish due to the conversion, however future updates should be the same speed as before.

Engine Upgrade

This update brings Estranged up to the latest Unreal Engine 4 version (4.17), which improves the stability and performance of the game in general.

As ever, let us know what you think - feel free to email me directly at alan [at] alanedwardes (dot) com, or start a thread on the forums.

Thanks for playing!

Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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