Owlboy Gets Minor Bugfixing Update - 1.2.6380.40070

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
This version fixes various bugs that have been found in the previous version, including a few issues that were found in the new localization tools (thanks to StiGMaT on the Steam forums for reporting a number of issues!). Most of these issues affected only a small number of players.

Here is a changelog:

- Fixed a checkpoint that could save out of bounds in the cannon area.
- A crash in the cannon area that would happen on some PCs. This has not been tested widely and feedback is appreciated. If Owlboy crashed when entering the cannon area in the old version and still does, please let us know.
- Bitmap fonts weren't user-editable. They now have a user-editable schema and graphics. If you want to use these and are having trouble (or want more features), send us an email at [email protected]
- User-made bitmap fonts would sometimes draw incorrectly if they were too wide.
- Another bug where you could get out of bounds in the Boguin cannon area.
- INI files would sometimes crash if hand-edited.
- Fixed a softlock in the Advent level.
- The game would crash if it couldn't detect any resolutions because of a driver bug.
- After changing languages, the "Continue" menu item would say "Start new game"
- Various mostly cosmetic map fixes.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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