Clicker Heroes Patch 1.0e9!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
Hey Heroes,

We got an update for you today with tons of quality of life improvements and bug fixes. We also have a content update coming soon so please look forward to it! And as always, let us know what you think!

1.0e9 Patch Notes

- The Stats panel now provides more robust data about your Ascensions and Transcensions. These new tables can be exported to CSV format.
- Auto Clickers can now be placed on the "Buy All Upgrades" button.
- You can now hold C and click to place Auto Clickers.
- You can now place all remaining Auto Clickers by holding Shift when placing an Auto Clicker on the monster.
- There is now a new Settings interface that can be accessed from the options menu.
- Low quality options have been separated into individual settings that can be toggled in the new Settings interface.
- Sound effect categories can now be turned on and off individually in the new Settings interface.
- Fixes an issue where Auto Clickers could become difficult to remove.
- Fixes an issue with Timelapse and Mercenary gold rewards at high levels of Mimzee.
- Fixes an issue that caused primal boss names to draw the normal boss name underneath the primal text.
- Fixes an issue where upgrades could remain tinted when purchased.
- Various bugfixes
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