Crypt of the NecroDancer v2.38: Bugfixes + New Items

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
  • New item: Electric Dagger
  • New item: Battle Shovel
  • Localizations: German, Italian, Spanish
  • Minor updates to other localizations
  • FamilyJules remasters of original game tracks
  • Replace OCR 3-2 cold with a version fixing harmony with shopkeep
  • Update example localization XML with tags for recent text changes; tag texts in code
  • Earth dragon: Update art; 8 health; wall raising changed to behind player, catacomb strength, permanent
  • Raise Axe occurrence chances to be similar to that of Rapier
  • Make frost dagger a little more likely to find in high level chests, since it's better than in original game
  • z5 level gen: Extend the wire into the entry room
  • Change axe to only dash if player didn't already move (matters for warlocks), for consistency with rapier
  • Ring of Wonder: Only grant full heart the first time you pick it up
  • z5 level gen: Omit trapdoors on 5-3 (fixes lack of melody trap door room in nd2 boss); reduce freq of 5-x trapdoors
  • Rewrite glass shop spawn logic to not spawn glass jaw & to spawn glass slippers more often than previously
  • Fix shop wall mimic showing its teeth when far away
  • Fix slight misoffset of the zone 5 beatfiles (50ms each)
  • Adjust start times of OCR 5-x tracks to match the fixed beatfiles
  • Fix Dove to count one of her hearts as the ring of peace's bonus heart (so ring swap doesn't give extra heart)
  • Fix Shovels of Courage & Strength being overwritten by crystal shovel
  • Fix: Remove ring of phasing from lobby NPCs
  • Fix: Glass shrine don't change Dorian's boots to glass slippers
  • Perf: Slightly speed up rendering by reducing allocations and faster sorting
Michelle-Louise Janion
I tend to favour the puzzle, RPG, action-adventure and strategy genres. My particular favourites over the years have been Final Fantasy IX, Metal Gear Solid, Civilisation V and The Last of Us. I'm also a sucker for a series: Darksiders, Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider etc. I am a bit of a lone gamer as I tend to steer clear of PvP, and only play multiplayer with close friends.