Plague Inc: Evolved Update 1.13.1 and new Popular Scenarios

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
Hello Poxy Players!

Just pushed out a new update (1.13.1) which adds the Shadow Plague to the custom scenario creator (Twilight fans rejoice :P). Now you can take the vampires from the Shadow Plague and use them in your own wonderful/twisted creations!

It also fixes the issues with 3 of the vampire narrative achievements. Full change log at the bottom.

New popular scenarios for January

Here is the newest list of popular custom scenarios that a lot of players have been playing recently. Can you outrun a deadly Stone Plague or resist your own Phone Addiction? Let's find out!

Plague Inc: Evolved image

New Popular Scenarios:
Stone Plague BY BigHiggs
YouTube killer BY AndyKills1
Blood Flies BY firejackultra
???? (Plague Of Undead) BY LOBO
Anti-vaxx BY Zerhariel
Phone Addiction BY SuperNubs
The Goa'uld BY TRM_MParker799
SARS BY mdelaney4854
R.E.D. BY thelonechipmunk
Idea BY mos4567

Congratulations to the authors of these scenarios and stay healthy


Change log for 1.13.1:

- Achievement fix
3 vampire narrative event achievements resolved.

- Shadow Plague added to Scenario Creator!
You can now wreak havoc on the world with your very own vampire scenario! Complete with all labs.

- Scenario Creator feature
You can now include a public and private email address to get feedback from players

- Scenario Creator Fix: Custom Win bug
The scenario now takes dead population into account as well, meaning you can infect the remaining population and still win.

- Scenario Creator Fix: Country Descriptions bug
Fixed an issue where an edited country description would display for all countries.

- Scenario Creator Fix: Starting Country % values
Fixed a saving/loading issue where the starting infected/dead/zombie values for countries was resetting.

- Scenario Publishing issues resolved
Rare issue with publishing/republishing scenarios has been fixed.

Various text and minor bug fixes.
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