Prison Architect Update 11f Hot Fix (Beta Branch Only)

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
Happy New Year!

We are releasing a hot fix today for our Christmas update.

This update is on a Steam branch, meaning it will not automatically download. You must manually switch to that branch to see this new version.
  • - Right click on Prison Architect in your games list
  • - Click 'Properties'
  • - Click 'Betas'
  • - Select 'beta' from the list. (Restart steam if it doesn't show up)
  • - The update will then download.

Guards whose needs are not being met were beating up the prisoners. This can still happen, but it should happen much more rarely now.

Extras | Map Settings dialog will now allow Staff Needs to be enabled if you already have enabled everything else.
Michelle-Louise Janion
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