Mount Blade: Warband Invasion Patch! 21/12/16

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
Hello all!

We're pushing out an update to fix some of the issues you've been encountering in Invasion.

However, do note that most of these are server-side and so you'll need to wait until the server hosts update their files until you get the full benefit!

Our (almost day 1) patch notes:

  • Shields now recover HP along with players at the end of each wave
  • Reduced "it's almost harvesting season" sound frequency
  • Fix for knockdown mace hitting mounted enemies and causing visual error
  • Enemies captured with team change dart no longer visible in drop assignment UI
  • Fixed potential crash causing issue on servers in Invasion mode
  • All dropped items are now useable by all troops
  • Invulnerable helmet is now more protective (but still not actually invulnerable)
  • Disarming throwing axe can no longer by turned into an instakill knife
  • Additional fixes
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