Mount Blade: Warband Invasion Patch! 21/12/16

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 10 months ago
Hello all!

We're pushing out an update to fix some of the issues you've been encountering in Invasion.

However, do note that most of these are server-side and so you'll need to wait until the server hosts update their files until you get the full benefit!

Our (almost day 1) patch notes:

  • Shields now recover HP along with players at the end of each wave
  • Reduced "it's almost harvesting season" sound frequency
  • Fix for knockdown mace hitting mounted enemies and causing visual error
  • Enemies captured with team change dart no longer visible in drop assignment UI
  • Fixed potential crash causing issue on servers in Invasion mode
  • All dropped items are now useable by all troops
  • Invulnerable helmet is now more protective (but still not actually invulnerable)
  • Disarming throwing axe can no longer by turned into an instakill knife
  • Additional fixes
Michelle-Louise Janion
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