Killing Floor 2: WWAUT - Survivalist Tree

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 9 months ago
Hello everyone! We are back today with some more concrete details (subject to change at any time before we launch on Nov 18th as we continue to evaluate it). Last time around, we talked about the high level concept of what the Survivalist is: a high skill cap, jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none (or the bard for those of you who play those sorts of games... with “magic” and “dragons”).

Players who choose to play the Survivalist will have an interesting start to the game; by default the perk start with an HE grenade, a machete (for its knife), and a random tier 1 weapon. The Survivalist’s passives include Weapon damage (.6% per level in current testing), Global damage resistance (1% per level), Heavy Body Armor (1% per level), and Zedtime Reload (3% per level).

Killing Floor 2 image

Diving into the perk skill tree, this is where the player makes choices to how the Survivalist will play out for them.

Level 5 - Weapon Handling:

  • Tactical Reload - Increase reload speed with Commando, Gunslinger, and SWAT Weapons
  • Heavy Weapons Training - Increase reload speed with Demolitionist, Sharpshooter, and Support Weapons
Level 10 - Survival Techniques

  • Medic Training - Increase the potency of all your healing by 20% and decrease the cooldown of your syringe and healing darts 25%
  • Melee Expert - Increase melee attack speed 15%, inflict 10% more damage, and move 25% faster when using any melee weapon
Level 15 - Equipment

  • Ammo Vest - Carry up to 15% more ammo for all your weapons and your grenades are swapped out for Healing Grenades
  • Weapon Harness - Increase carrying capacity by 5 and your grenades are swapped out for Molotov cocktails
Level 20 - Destruction

  • Spontaneous Zed-plosion - Zeds you kill have a 20% chance to explode, damaging and knocking down nearby Zeds
  • Make Things Go Boom - Increase area of effect of all explosives by 25%
Level 25 - Specialist Training

  • Madman - During Zed time all your weapons shoot 3x faster
  • Lockdown - During Zed time the power of all incapacitation methods are increase by 200% for all weapons
Our goal is to have this content in community hands as an opt-in beta at some point over the next few weeks (we are looking at early November) so we can get player feedback and make any adjustments needed before launch. We also are rolling in some changes we had hoped to have out as a Quality of Life update into that opt in beta instead of having it as a separate build to allow us to concentrate more on working on the game instead of the build and QA process.

As we covered in the last WWAUT, the content teams are hard at work on what we hope will be a nice holiday experience for you and yours as you take your trusty Mace and Shield and enjoy the beach while running away from the More Gore Faster (we really need to name him soon, let us know if you have any suggestions!).
Michelle-Louise Janion
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