Unturned Update Notes

By Austin Phoenix, 7 months ago
Update Notes:


  • Added Lieutenant Oswald in charge of scouting the area.
  • Added Doc Ernie blueprint unlocks/dialogue.
  • Added Mechanic's engine repair quest.
  • Added Medic's research recovery quest.
  • Added Ensign Franklin to buy replacement uniforms from.
  • Added Nautical Nuisance quest for Rusty.
  • Added assorted filler NPCs with dialogue.
  • Added Quadbarrel. [ID 1436]
  • Added Bayonet. [ID 1438]


  • Improved missing a shot/swing that travelled within 4 meters of a player to mark you as an aggressor if not under attack.
  • Improved using lockpick/detonator/grenade to mark you as an aggressor if not under attack.
  • Improved vendor menu to show how many of a buyable item you already have.


  • Tweaked to show warning message when building in safezone.
  • Tweaked quest menu to better expand vertically and added return button.
  • Tweaked gunshot audio rolloff to make more sense.
  • Tweaked quest interactables to play effect when used.
  • Tweaked scaled buildables in editor to reset when deselected to avoid confusion.


  • Fixed using carjack/lockpick in safezone.
  • Fixed to allow suicide in non-arena safezones.
  • Fixed cleaning up last chat icon.
  • Fixed vendor item description applying rich text in wrong order.
  • Fixed fertilizer applying before animation.
  • Fixed using ladders to cancel animations.
  • Fixed Russia map pizza/doughnut stores using wrong spawn tables.
  • Fixed nearby item obstruction to ignore triggers.


In the next NPC update I'll be working on a quest tracking feature so you can view quest goals outside of the info screen, the traitor uncovering/rescue questline, looking into "bossbattle" zombies e.g. go to a specific area to defeat electric megazombie and putting up documentation on all the NPC features.

For mod creators I forgot to mention in the last post: You can press the End key in the appearance menu to copy your character details to the clipboard for creating NPCs, and the same in-game to view all active flags and values. There's also a "Flag" command to set a key/value for testing.

Bit of a heads up: for the first time in I can't even remember how long there won't be any sort of update next week - I'll be away at the "Steam Dev Days" conference!
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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