World of Diving - Plan for Leaving Early Access

By Austin Phoenix, 11 months ago
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We hope you have enjoyed the improvements to the game in the updates over the summer. It’s been fun for the team to move the game closer to release and to receive the positive feedback from the community. We are planning to make another major leap forward. In fact, we are planning to leave early access in Q1 of 2017.

In our review of the outstanding tasks on Trello and additional features that we want to add to the game, we have decided the best approach would be to put our heads down and work on a single large update. This will allow us to build out new features and take more time to polish the game.

This update will include these new features or key improvements (in addition to the other Trello tasks):
- Two new levels (Flying Dutchman & Community levels)
- Re-launch of the mission editor
- New capture & tag missions and storyline
- New map area missions and storyline
- New collection missions
- New location based missions
- New cosmetic peripherals
- Adding passive tools
- Adding flora & dive sites to the Oceanopedia
- Art improvements
- Improved daily mission spawns
- Re-launch of the equipment shop
World of Diving 2

This development approach does not mean we will not be publishing updates to the game until this major update. We will continue to publish bug fixes similar to the fix of the Sharks mission two weeks ago. The next update is scheduled for next week. These continued fixes are required to improve the game’s stability and improve your experience with the game in early access. It is also a critical step in finishing the game.

We are still likely to be addressing a number of bug fixes in the next major update, so we want to make sure that we have identified all the bugs we can. You have been a tremendous help to us in this regard. We only ask that you keep it up. We will be adding these reports to Trello as you submit them.

Again, thank you for being part of the World of Diving community and participating in the early access program. We could not make this game without you.
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