TGN First Impression: DOOM's Unto the Evil DLC

By Kevin Tavore,
DOOM made quite a big splash when it was released back in May to critical and commercial success. It's pretty safe to say that DOOM is a good game. Recently, the first DLC for the game launched and I'm here today to give you my first impressions of it.

Bethesda has made no secret about the upcoming DLC for the game. Your $40 season pass is going to get you nothing but multiplayer content. With Unto the Evil, we've got our first taste of what's to come and it's a bit stale. Despite being sold alone for a full $15, the actual content that you get for your money is a bit thin:
  • Three new multiplayer maps
  • The EMG Mark V Pistol
  • The Kinetic Mine equipment
  • The ability to play as a Harvester demon
  • A few "Robotic" armor sets
  • New taunts
  • New hack modules (which are basically burn cards from Titanfall)
If it doesn't sound like much, that's because it really isn't. The new maps are no worse than any of the other maps, but they're not better either. They'll show up in regular matchmaking and anyone in a party with someone who owns the DLC can play the new maps in an attempt make them more accessible. It's a nice thought to try and make sure that the maps see some use, but ultimately it doesn't seem to work. My bouts in regular multiplayer yielded the maps only once out of about 10 matches. Luckily there is a DLC playlist, although past experience says that you'll likely need to get into that soon if you want to find a match.

The rest of the content is really nothing to write home about. The pistol is fairly weak and would never be my first, second, or tenth choice. The Kinetic Mine is usable only if you want to lie in wait, which the game discourages. The Harvester demon is fun but you don't even get to see it in most games. The armor sets and taunts are fine for what they are, but if you're not sure if you want this, I sincerely doubt they'll send you over the edge.

On the bright side, the achievements in this are extremely easy. Just get some kills with the weapons and demon, wear the armor, and use a taunt and you're done. You'll almost certainly knock all of these out within an hour.

Doom's Unto the Evil is out now.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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