Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Patch 1.4.4 notes!

By Michelle-Louise Janion,
Hey guys,

We just launched Patch 1.4.4! This includes a bunch of new Starter Cards, some balancing changes to existing cards, as well as a whole host of other improvements. You can see the full changelist below:

New Starter Cards

Clairvoyance (0 Gold Cost)
• Type: Support
• Legend: Ariane
• Family: Spell
• Effect: Gain gold equal to Rival's Base Attack

Vampyre Juvinate (2/2)
• Type: Creature
• Legend: Vanescula
• Family: Vampyre
• Effect: Add 1 Health to Rival's next creature.

Loot Cache (0 Gold Cost)
• Type: Support
• Legend: Ozan
• Family: Equipment
• Effect: If Rival has a weapon, gain 5 Armour.
• Reward: 2 Armour

Black Chinchompa (1/2)
• Type: Creature
• Legend: Common
• Effect: Remove 1 Weapon Durability from Rival
• Reward: 2 Armour

Dark Fanatic (3/2)
• Type: Creature
• Legend: Linza
• Effect: Remove 3 Weapon Attack from Rival
• Rewards: 2 Gold

Zombie Monkey (1/2)
• Type: Creature
• Legend: Raptor
• Family: Undead
• Effect: Add 2 Attack to your Rival's next creature.

Zamorakian Recruiter (1 Gold Cost)
• Type: Support
• Legend: Common
• Effect: Remove an Ally from your Rival's Deck. Draw a card.

Goblin Village (0 Gold Cost)
• Type: Support
• Legend: Morvran
• Family: Location
• Effect: Both Legends draw a card.
• Reward: 2 gold

Test of Might (0 Gold Cost)
• Type: Support
• Legend: Common
• Effect: Battle Rival.

Zombie Crew (3/2)
• Type: Creature
• Legend: Common
• Family: Undead
• Effect: Deal 2 Damage to rival. Remove 1 Gold from Rival.

Card Changes

Iowerth Hellhound
• Gold reward increased from 4 to 5
• Family set to Beast

• Effect now reads “Aggressive. Give both Legends' next creatures Aggressive." 1 Gold Reward.

Rush of Blood
• Effect now reads “Make rival's next Creature Aggressive and increase its health by 1.”
• 2 Cost

• Gold cost set to 1.

• Effect now reads “Aggressive. Gain 3 Temporary Attack and make your rival's next creature Aggressive.”
• Family set to Beast

Mutated Jadinko
• Effect now reads “Remove 4 Attack from your next Creature.”

Deadly Prey
• Effect now reads “Deal 3 damage to rival for every Aggressive Creature slain by both Legends.”


Full Tetsu
• 5 Cost, 5 Health, 5 Armour

• 8/6 Creature. 4 health reward. Mortal: Gain 6 health.

Dagannoth Fledgling
• 4/2 Creature. 1 health reward. Gain 2 Temporary Attack.

• 8/7 Creature. 5 health, 5 armour reward.

• 0 Cost. Spend 1 weapon, gain 8 armour.

Mithril Dragon
• 8/10 Creature. 12 Armour reward.

Dagannoth Sentinel
• 8/9 Creature. 1 AP reward, 2 health reward.

• Text now reads “Deal damage to rival equal to your Weapon Attack + 4. Remove your weapon.”

Hope Devourer
• 7/15
• Armour reward 3.

Ling, the Assassin
• Text now reads “Deal damage to rival equal to half your Gold. Remove all your Gold.”

Dust Devil
• Health increased to 7.

Amascut Templeguard
• Spend 10 Gold Gain 20

Ice Warrior
• 1 Gold Reward instead of 2.

Tetsu Katana
• Gold cost increased to 7 from 6.

Amascut Mystic
• 6/4, 4 Armour Reward.
• Text now reads “If you have 4 gold or less, gain 4 Health”.

Patch Changes

• Login error messages are now more clearly defined.

• Morvran Skins no longer clip the top of the store.

• Removed some errors caused by incorrect audio channels being assigned.

• Ambient volume levels have been balanced.

• Crafting animation for second card no longer triggers when crafting the first card.

• Being Challenged no longer corrupts UI screens such as Season End or Daily Logins.
Michelle-Louise Janion
Written by Michelle-Louise Janion
I tend to favour the puzzle, RPG, action-adventure and strategy genres. My particular favourites over the years have been Final Fantasy IX, Metal Gear Solid, Civilisation V and The Last of Us. I'm also a sucker for a series: Darksiders, Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider etc.

I am a bit of a lone gamer as I tend to steer clear of PvP, and only play multiplayer with close friends.
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