Awesomenauts Update 3.3 Open Beta 2 available now!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 9 months ago
Awesomenauts screenshot

We just released the second Open Beta for Awesomenauts 3.3: "Rise of Galactron". If you want to take an early look at the overhaul of the matchmaking system, party system, and experience the rejoin system for yourself, launch up the Beta!

The Beta is available to all users who own the base game. To find out how to get it, please visit our official forums. The full patch notes for the Beta are available on our forums as well.

Since the previous Open Beta, we've fixed a lot of different issues that could prevent players from connecting to one-another as well as several issues that affected Mac and Linux users. Furthermore, we've tweaked a lot of different aspects of the game based on your feedback. This Beta also includes a number of balance tweaks and changes to upgrades that we're planning to implement in Update 3.3.

If you have any feedback based on the latest Beta, don't forget to let us know through the forms linked in the main menu! Should you encounter any crashes or serious connection problems, please remember to save your logs. Those are a lot of help to us if we're not able to reproduce the issue ourselves, or in case we just need some extra info! This thread describes how to get your logs! If you have trouble launching the Beta please let us know in the comments or on our official beta forum.
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