Hero Siege Season 1 and more info

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
Hero Siege screenshot

Hello everyone! An exciting patch is on the way! In this post we are going to tell you what we are going to add/change.

  • We are going to reset wormhole level since we are going to start season one in next patch! One season lasts for six months. If you want to compete in the leaderboards you have to create a new character, check "season" button, level to 150 and then jump in to wormholes! This also gives new incomers a chance to compete with old veterans! There are some visual rewards for people who gets to top 50. #1 player gets a diamond pentagram next to his name, #2 gets golden pentagram, #3 silver pentagram and everyone between 4-50 gets bronze pentagram. If you don't want to climb leaderboards just continue playing with your old character!
  • We are going to remove "Gold to ruby" conversion totally. BUT we will increase the amount of rubies you get as loot. Magister Kujala is going to sell mystery chests in Town of Inoya for rubies.
  • You are able to get hats, satanic items, wormhole keys and relics from these mystery chests.
  • The amount of rubies you get from wormhole bosses scales with wormhole level.
  • From wormhole level 1 to 50 you get loot from mystery chests which matches the wormhole level you are currently tackling. After you get above wormhole level 50, you have a chance to get better satanic loot from mystery chests.
  • This caps at wormhole level 100.
  • When the patch comes live, your rubies will be compressed to 2500. For example, if you have 5000 rubies, after patch you'll have 2500 rubies. If you have 300 rubies, after patch you still have same amount of rubies.
  • Also wormhole bosses are going to have a chance to drop really rare loot!
This new and exciting patch will be released next week!

We have also fixed bugs and balanced characters, but all of that information you will be able to check in the patch notes when the patch goes live!
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