Wakfu Reincarnamation is Coming on the 12th of July!

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
So... if you haven't heard... the next update is on the 12th of July! In addition to the much needed Incarnam revamp, other events are in the works. What are these strange sand monsters that are invading the beaches of Bilbiza? You will have all summer to investigate and solve the mystery of “La Madrague”!

This update won’t be showing up empty handed (if you can conjure up an image of what you think that would look like; it certainly has the illustrators stumped)! Alongside this summery and recurrent exclusive event, which it’s important to highlight, Incarnam has been redesigned to offer newcomers a better welcome.

You will also find some Foggers looking distinctly fabulous, savage feathery creatures and the quest of Otomai's Disciples just got even better! That's not all, Moon Island Zone 2 is now open to everybody!

See you on Tuesday 12th of July in Update 1.47: Reincarnamation!
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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