Ace of Words Spells Out A Full Release

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Hi everyone,

we have decided to go in full release and release Ace of Words with new languages.

With this build we are featuring new languages.

Right now, following languages were added:
• German
• Spanish
• Portugese
• Hrvatski / Croatian

Following languages are in preparation and will be released within 10 days:
• French
• Italian
• Dutch
• Polish
• Turkish

Also in upcoming weeks we will release Linux and Mac versions of the game.

Once all languages we have planned are out, we will continue working on something what we think is the ultimate goal for this game, that is multiplayer mode.

Note about other languages dictionaries: the same rules for the word set are not the same in English due to various language specifics.

Also, please note, that dictionaries are not perfect, but we think they will serve well to provide good entertainment. Where we notice serious issues and get reports, we'll make sure to improve them.

Note for players in Croatian language: Napomena za sve igrace koji igraju na hrvatskom jeziku da igra sadrži varijacije rijeci po padežima i rodovima.

Also, we are looking for help to translate User Interface text to proper languages. Right now, all UI text is in English.

Thanks once again on all active feedback, we are making notes and working on improvements and bug fixes.

Vedran Klanac
Ace Of Words creator
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
Site moderator and Newshound here on TSA. Walkthrough Supervisor and Site Help Editor over on TA. Space Cowboy in my free time.