More Patches and Buffs for Hero Siege

By Austin Phoenix, 2 years ago
So we will be buffing Demon Slayer, Demonspawn and Redneck next patch. (Necro minions will be slightly changed, they will synergize with stamina tho).

So far for 2 of the classes:

- Added Energy Synergy to Manacalypse and decreased it's cooldown.
- Gutspread now scales with strength and shoots 15 instead of 10 bolts + the bolts are piercing
- Blood Surge now scales with Energy X 2 (Double synergy) and base damage increased.

- Chainsaw Massacre now deals weapon damage on top of the base.
- Pickup Raid now shoots faster and also throws molotovs
- Stomp now fixed 10% chance with increased damage + scaling.
- Changed all spell particles to sprite based effects to reduce lagg A LOT!
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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