More Patches and Buffs for Hero Siege

By Austin Phoenix, 10 months ago
So we will be buffing Demon Slayer, Demonspawn and Redneck next patch. (Necro minions will be slightly changed, they will synergize with stamina tho).

So far for 2 of the classes:

- Added Energy Synergy to Manacalypse and decreased it's cooldown.
- Gutspread now scales with strength and shoots 15 instead of 10 bolts + the bolts are piercing
- Blood Surge now scales with Energy X 2 (Double synergy) and base damage increased.

- Chainsaw Massacre now deals weapon damage on top of the base.
- Pickup Raid now shoots faster and also throws molotovs
- Stomp now fixed 10% chance with increased damage + scaling.
- Changed all spell particles to sprite based effects to reduce lagg A LOT!
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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