TSA is broken. 8807 Steam achievements, 8589 TSA achievements. Out of sync for -- days. I quit counting/caring

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8,807 Achievements reported by Steam, 8,589 Achievements reported by TSA,

Out of sync for -- days. I quit counting/caring.
Posted by ManOfNantucket on 05 May 18 at 12:27 | Last edited on 17 May 18 at 05:00
Faalagorn Isn't it due to your privacy setting that Steam changed recently? See this announcement on TSA.

Your profile is out of sync in as well with the warning "To be able to update your profile change Steam Privacy Settings to public, playtime enabled (unchecked)." The thread linked also give more insights on why it may be like that: Tick and untick "Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details." so it's left unchecked. Otherwise Steam does not register this setting to be actually inactive
Posted by Faalagorn on 08 May at 14:22
ManOfNantucket I fixed my profile settings shortly after the update, that is not the problem.
Posted by ManOfNantucket on 08 May at 16:53
Faalagorn Weird then… especially as the same issue is on You did try to actually Tick and untick the "Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details." as luchaos suggested in his post?

If so, maybe then it's worth looking at Valve's support to help on that matter, as it seems to be something steam-related, not necessarily TSA side I guess.
Posted by Faalagorn on 09 May at 01:12
ManOfNantucket Why do you seem to think TSA is not at fault? Fact is that I already KNOW it is TSA's fault that that they show different totals than what Steam does.
Posted by ManOfNantucket on 09 May at 04:54
Faalagorn Because it's the same at for your profile and you're not the only one that had troubles with it, plus it times out good with the Valve's changes? Make your own conclusions of course, I'm not affiliated with TSA or any tracker so I just have a vague idea how Steam works, but was just trying to give you ideas :).
Posted by Faalagorn on 09 May at 15:29