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    To be blunt, What's Under Your Blanket is nothing more than a tongue-in-cheek jerk off simulator with terrible Paint quality graphics.

    The game is comprised of five levels, and five sub-levels. During the main five levels, your objective is to play with "what's under your blanket" while avoiding getting caught, setting your blanket on fire, and breaking your bed. You must achieve your goal within two minutes by quickly clicking on your blanket to fill up your jerk-o-meter. The faster you click without interruption, the higher your multiplier climbs. The higher your multiplier climbs, the faster your jerk-o-meter fills.

    Every now and then a family member, or special guest for the current level that you are on, will interrupt you. If you get caught, or set your blanket on fire from jerking... I mean clicking too fast, it's back to the beginning of the entire game for you. I might also mention here that there is no save function, and no pause menu. The escape key will also immediately close your entire game.

    The five sub-levels are simple arm wrestling competitions, and barely favor a mention whatsoever. They're thrown into the game for filling the void of an otherwise empty game. Just click away until you finally win.

    Don't get me wrong. I had a laugh my first playthrough of What's Under Your Blanket. However, when I revisited the game for a second time to clean up the achievements I missed the first time, due to the fact that they were broken upon the launch of the game and have only been recently patched, the humor was gone and I was bored... stiff. *badum tsh*

    Truly, games such as this are destined to end up on places such as Newgrounds... but Steam? It's hard to fathom that this title made it to the actual store front. I know that I'm not helping to keep trash like this off of Steam since I actually purchased this title, but I do hope that games such as this and Shower With Your Dad Simulator are one-offs, and not a sign of things to come.

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