Tick's Tales Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough

Chapter 1: Our Tale's Beginning

The game starts with the meeting of the Fairy Godfather. After a brief intro, you'll be tasked with selecting a weapon: the shovel, the sword or the broomstick. You can select any of them and you'll be told which career best suits you. For now, pick up the shovel and then speak with the Fairy Godfather and select the following dialogue options:

- Look out!
- I saw a Godfather-eating plant

Whilst the Fairy Godfather is preoccupied with the island in the distance, if you haven't already, pick up the shovel and then use it on the sword case. Upon smashing the case, you'll jump over the cliff and into the town where you'll earn your first achievement:

A Child's Destiny

You chose your destiny at the pit of fate!

A Child's Destiny

Chapter 2: To Be A Knight

Now, examine the sword in the stone to the left of your screen where a small cutscene will ensue. After this, click on the shiny trophy set upon the table to the right of your screen. The boy sitting at the table, Brian, will challenge you to solve three riddles, so use these dialogue options to begin this quest:

- Yes
- Deal
- Brian will provide you with the first riddle: "White as snow, but not as cold, keeps you warm, or so I'm told." You should be able to work out what the answer to the riddle is yourself, but if you can't, all will be revealed a little later.
- Do you know anything about that sword up there?

Once you're finishing conversing with Brian, head to the Barracks situated to the top-left of your screen. Upon entering, speak with the standing knight using the following dialogue options:

- Nice ladder
- Can I have it?
- Please
- Pretty Please
- Pretty Pretty Please
- Pretty Pretty Pretty Please

The knight will then give you the ladder which is propped up against the wall next to him (let's hope he doesn't get into trouble for doing this!). When you've relieved the knight of his beloved ladder, exit the barracks to the right of the screen.

Back in town, click on the doorway to the top-right of your screen to enter the fields. Here you'll see some crops just to the right of your starting position. Click on these to earn yourself a carrot. Speak with the picnicking Peddler using the following dialogue options:

- What wares are you selling?
- Glass eye

He'll state that he'll only accept cash or toys for his wares. As you have no cash, we'll need to find a toy. You'll also need to obtain the balloon that he's giving away for for free with every purchase. For now, let's leave him be and leave this screen to the right. You'll now be outside a house which has a paddock with some sheep in. Use the carrot on the sheep to get some wool. After this, head back to the town square.

When you're back at the town square, give the wool to Brian to solve the first riddle (yes, the answer was wool). He'll then give you the second riddle to solve: "Filled with air ad light as a feather. Want to keep it? Best have a tether."

Behind you, enter the Antique's shop. Upon entering, pick up the teddy bear on the counter to the right and then pick up the framed picture on the shop vendors counter. Examining the framed picture will reveal some writing on the reverse, but being that the room is too dim, it's ineligible. So, use the framed picture on the curtains behind the shopkeeper where you'll learn the name "Herb". Speak with the shopkeeper using the following dialogue options:

- Listen, I really need that Teddy bear.
- Your son said I could have it
- Herb

In front of the shopkeeper, on the counter, you'll see a bowl of red candy. Consume them three times and the shopkeeper will state that she needs more - keep this in mind for a later date. For now, leave the shop and go back to see the Peddler.

When you're back at the field with the Bull and the Peddler, give the teddy bear that you stole borrowed from the Antique's store to the Peddler. In exchange, he'll give you a glass eye and a balloon. Now we have the item for the second of Brian's riddles, so head back to town and give the balloon to him. He'll then give you the third and final riddle to solve: "Hippety-hop, I'd jump so high, without these springs I hurt no fly."

Head back through the field and to the paddock where the sheep are. Once again, click on the sheep to obtain some more wool. Opposite the paddock, go behind the house on the right of the screen. Here you'll find some mushrooms and a stick propped up against the house; pick both of them up. Click on the cracks on the side of the house. Looking through said cracks, you'll hear the wizard inputting the combination for his safe and earn the Save and Sound achievement:

Safe and Sound

You uncovered the secret to Gandarf's MagiSafe 2000!

Safe and Sound

Don't worry if you don't remember the combination for the safe; looking through the crack in the wall once more you'll be able to save the combination to your inventory. Be sure to collect this as you'll require it for an achievement later on in the game.

With this done, head back around to the front of the house and enter through the door. You'll be greeted by a wizard named Gandarf who seems intent on your leaving. Use the following dialogue options:

- But I am your friend, Gandarf
- Maybe the time I freed your pet dragon?
- I's on an important quest
- To become a knight of the town Remington
- By pulling out the Sword of Blergh from its stone
- I want to impress Georgia McGorgeous
- Yes
- Any option here

We'll need to get Gandarf to leave so we can steal the content of his safe, so speak with him again:

- Someone ate all the antique shopkeeper's lava mints

He'll then depart, leaving you free to steal his valuables. Pick up the flask and the frogs legs on the counter and then click on the safe. Input the combination that you learned earlier:

4, 2, 1, 5, 3

When the safe's open, you'll then be free to loot the Strength Potion Recipe and the Root. Take a look over the recipe in your inventory which will list all of the ingredients required to make said recipe.

Exit the house as we're done here. When outside, in your inventory, combine the mushrooms with the flask, and then use the flask on the sheep. Then combine the wool with the stick which creates a convenient cat-toy... thing. Click on the sheep once more to grab some more wool and earn the Wool Gatherer achievement:

Wool Gatherer

You took all of the sheep's wool.

Wool Gatherer

From here, head upwards into the Forest. Once here, speak with the old lady whose cat is stuck up the nearby tree. Use the following dialogue options:

- Damsel in distress?
- What's your distress?
- So you want me to get your cat down?

Use the ladder from your inventory on the tree that the cat is stuck up. Climb the ladder and then use the cat toy on the cat to coax it down. For your effort, you'll be rewarded with a kiss from the old lady. Nice! The kiss will actually be added to your inventory and you'll receive the Kitty Kiss achievement:

Kitty Kiss

You proved your courage by saving a damsel in distress' cat!

Kitty Kiss

Whilst your still in the Forest area, pick up the Protein Grass in the top-left of the screen and head back to the field with the Angus the Bull. Feed Angus the Protein Grass where you'll receive some Slobber in exchange. Now we should have all of the ingredients to make the Strength Potion, so add the Mandrake to the flask, along with the Slobber that we just received. You'll then receive the Potion of Strength.

Let's head back and see our friend Brian and complete his riddles task. In case you didn't solve the third riddle yourself, the answer was Frog, so go ahead and give Brian the frogs legs. For your troubles, he'll reward you with his shiny Trophy and the game will reward you with the Wise Up achievement:

Wise Up

You won Brian's game of riddles and proved your wisdom!

Wise Up

Now, armed with our Strength Potion, head back to the Barracks and speak with the seated knights. Use the following dialogue options:

- Can I be a Knight like you guys?
- I challenge Captain McHulk to an arm wrestling match to prove my strength

You'll then drink the Potion of Strength and will be drawn into an arm wrestling match with one of the knights. You don't have to do anything, just watch the cutscene. After winning the match you'll be rewarded with the Medal of Strength, along with the Pro (arm) Wrestler achievement:

Pro (arm) wrestler

You beat captain McHulk in an arm wrestling match!

Pro (arm) wrestler

With our new-found strength in tow, head back to the town square and click on the sword in the stone. The following cutscene sees our hero embroiled in battle with Bloodcot the Goblin. When you gain control of Tick, use the Sword of Blergh on Bloodcot. The result is not very promising and Bloodcot will electrocute Tick into unconsciousness.

Chapter 3: In The Slammer

When you come to, you'll find yourself in jail with a guard outside of your cell. Pick up the ball and chain on the floor of your cell. Speak with the guard using any of the dialogue options. Click on the guard again and you'll notice a key in his hand. Pick up the jail key and use it on the door of your cell... Freedom! Outside the cell you'll notice a floorboard that is a slightly lighter shade of brown than the rest of the floorboards: stepping on this floorboard will wake the sleeping guard and will reset your progress of this scene, so make sure you avoid it by clicking around it.

Beside the cell door is a chest. Opening this chest will restore your inventory, so make sure you do this before you progress.

There is a missable achievement in this room, so make sure you do this now:

Use the music note from your inventory on the window in your cell. This will unlock the Foolish Lullaby achievement:

Foolish Lullaby

Inmates best keep quiet while escaping!

Foolish Lullaby

Avoiding the aforementioned floorboard, pick up the crowbar propped up against the door to the right of the screen. Use the crowbar on your cell window to break the bars and then use the ball and chain on the cell window. You'll hear a groan from outside...

Chapter 4: Tick The Ex-Con

Leave the jail and you'll receive the Ex-Con achievement:


You escaped the town of Remington's jail!


Upon exiting you'll see what the ball and chain hit: a guard. Pick up the spear that's propped up against the wall next to his unconscious body and click on the guard himself to receive his pungent lunch. That's all there is to do here for now, so head downwards and back to Angus the Bull.

When you've arrived at the beast, use the pungent lunch on the flies above his head. You'll need to be very particular when clicking on the flies as clicking on the bull himself won't work. If it's worked you'll receive some flies. Once done, head to the right towards Gandarf's house.

Once outside Gandarf's house, speak with Gandarf himself:

- Bloodclot is on the lose!

There is a missable achievement here, so make sure you do this now:

Do not go back to the town center just yet. Instead, head upwards towards the Forest again. Once inside you'll meet an Owl in the tree. Speaking with the Owl, use the following dialogue options:

- Can you help me with my quest?
- Is something wrong?

The Owl has lost his monocle, so you'll need to find it for him. Before you head back in search for it, give the Owl your Potion of Strength. Doing so will reward you with the Eye of the Beholder achievement:

Eye of the beholder

More than just beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Eye of the beholder
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If you head back into town without giving the Owl the potion, the potion will be taken from you and the achievement will be missed.

If you're finished here, head back to the town square. Before you make it back however, you'll be stopped and stripped of some of your possesions, including the ever-important slingshot that Gandarf warned you not to lose, by three bullies. Once the bullies have finished their evil bidding, click on the flyer stuck to the wall to the left of the entrance of the town. This is a petition to pardon the knight of his crimes of giving away the ladder (that he gave to you nonetheless!). Remember this for now as we'll revisit it at a later date for the last of the missable achievements.

Enter into the town square. Atop the Antique's shop you'll see a small object shining. Use the spear from your inventory on the shiny object where it will be revealed as a monocle. Now, let's go back to Gandarf's house.

Chapter 5: Slingshot Stew

Outside Gandarf's house, pick up the piece of charcoal on the floor to the left of the cauldron and the paper airplane next to Gandarf's front door. Picking up the paper airplane, it reads a message from Gandarf describing his capture and torture (having to sing Karaoke!), along with the location of his loot. Use the Strength Potion Recipe with the Fire which will add Ash to your inventory and then head up into the Forest once again.

Once in the Forest, click on the big rock to the left of the big tree. This will reveal a lever, and thus, Gandarf's loot. Whilst your here, give the monocle from your inventory to the Owl. In return for the monocle the Owl will give you a feather.

There is a missable achievement here, so make sure you do this now:

Head back towards the town square and approach the flyer that we examined earlier. Use the charcoal on the flyer to sign the petition and earn the A Knight's Pardon achievement:

A Knight's Pardon

You saved Took from the hand of justice!

A Knight's Pardon

At the same place, speak with Bubba, the coin-flipping bully, as his coin is in mid-air. Doing so, he'll drop his coin without bothering to go and pick it up again; his loss is our gain, so pick up the coin from the floor. Now speak with Frankie, the bully in the middle, and state:

- I found your stash

Frankie will send Bubba to go and check on their stash. As the conversation ends, use the Communication Device from your inventory (that you received in Gandarf's loot) on the window behind the bullies. This will feed a cup-and-string through the window into the town square. Go into the town square, click on the other end of the Communication Device and use the following dialogue options when speaking with Frankie on the other end:

- It's me, Bubba
- (lower pitch) I think I'm getting a cold
- Where is the secret stash again?
- But what about Chapter 19A, section 3?
- Ah, your charisma really holds the gang together

Frankie will then reveal the location of their secret stash, so head back towards the Jail (top left of the town centre screen, to the right of the Barracks).

Once outside the jail, examine the torch to the left of the jail entrance. Moving the torch opens up a secret entrance on the other side of the screen, but it shuts once you've stopped interacting with the torch. So, use the rope from your inventory on the torch. The other end of the rope will reach just far enough to the secret entrance. Using the rope will open the secret entrance allowing your safe entry.

Inside the secret chamber, use your crowbar on the chest to receive your items back, including the elusive slingshot. You can exit this area now. Use the empty flask in your inventory on the fountain outside the jail. Now add the Ash from your inventory to the flask, along with the flies. Use the feather that the Owl gave you to the flask to complete the concoction.

Head back to Gandalf's house and use the flask with the cauldron. Go back to the left of the screen to where Angus the Bull resides and you'll see a note titled "Bingo". Picking up the note, it reads another rendition of Gandarf's torture, this time being made to play Bingo.

Go back to the Jail and use the alarm clock that we received from Gandarf's loot on the axe. This will split it into two. Now head back to Gandarf's cauldron.

Once at the cauldron, add your split alarm clock, coin and slingshot to it. This will result in a cutscene where you'll fight with Bloodclot once more. When you gain control of Tick, use the Slingshot on Bloodcot and you'll snare his lightning orb. He'll then grab you by the legs where you're given a dialogue option. Choose:

- I've got something in my pocket you might be interested in!

When you have control of Tick once more, use the Potion of Strength on Bloodcot. He'll then "hulk-out" a little too much for his own good and will explode. Hooray! You'll then receive the last achievement, Bloodclump, for completing the game.


You defeated Bloodclot!


Roll final cutscene and credits, along with your 100% completion, congratulations.

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