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Posted on 07 April 19 at 06:12
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My thoughts

This War Of Mine is a game that takes a whole new perspective on civil war. In this game you play as three survivors of a civil war in what I can only assume is a second-world European country. During the day you have to build appliances, craft supplies, and cook food.

Once night comes, you have a few choices. You can send one person to scavenge, then the others can either sleep or guard the home in case of a raid.

Now it's an interesting concept for a game, yet it's done wonderfully. This game is somewhat difficult but is very gentle to the new player. It quickly gets more difficult as you encounter other people.

- Wonderful graphics
- Hauntingly beautiful music
- A touching storyline
- Characters you can't help but love

- If you mess up it's very difficult to recover
- Progress is slow
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

I will definitely be playing more of this wonderful game.
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