Terminal Hacker Reviews

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Posted on 19 September 17 at 16:04
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Terminal Hacker is a simple game, developed and published by Lord_Loej; you play as a hacker, a hacker that plans to become the best in the world, and by doing that, you must hack as many passwords as you can.

I only downloaded this to use it for a completion game, one just to complete and then delete and uninstall from my computer and to totally forget about it. However, whilst playing this, I found that it was quite addicting, and also very fun to play.

The game is incredibly simple; you simply try and guess the blanked out word on your screen, and you have to do so – depending on the mode – in a certain amount of tries or you lose. I found that this was actually quite a good way to train my brain into working quicker, into thinking more and relying on basic knowledge of vocabulary. I found that after almost an hour of playing it, my brain seemed to work a little bit quicker, and I’m definitely going to be playing this more.

This is a good game for achievement hunters, with only eleven steam achievements to collect, and it’s a lot of fun to test yourself, and try and time trial yourself. It’s definitely a lot of fun for people who like to use gaming in order to try and help their basic knowledge and brain functions. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys games like this.
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