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Posted on 18 May 17 at 22:25, Edited on 18 May 17 at 22:30
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From developer and published Valve, comes Team Fortress 2. Released all the way back in 2007, TF2 has been a popular game for ten years now for many different reasons. With more players joining every day, there’s something about TF2 that keeps bringing players back for more.

Maybe it’s the 500+ achievements that prove to be a challenge for all achievement hunters out there. Maybe it’s the hats and upgrades constantly being added to the game over time. Maybe it’s the constant servers always online for players to head online and battle each other.

With servers all over proving to be a challenge for even experienced players, there’s somewhere for everyone. There’s a class for everyone to play and there’s things all the time for people to enjoy. There are numerous different maps and play types.

I personally love this game because each round is something new. There’s never a round that is exactly the same. I love playing this game both with my friends and without my friends. There’s never a dull moment. Although a simple team versus team game, there is a lot of strategy that’s needed. You really need to think about things, and you can’t just go flying into battle. (Well, you can, but usually it ends in you being killed countless times.)

Each round lasts approximately 10 minutes, without overtime. With numerous different types of levels to play, there’s sure to be one for you that you enjoy. I personally love King of the Hill and Payload. I find them really challenging, especially when it’s a full team of 12 versus 12.

Of course, the in game chat can be really horrible at times, especially with such a prejudice to certain players and classes (new players are often screamed at, and some classes are just hated for their roles in the game – snipers, spies and pyros mostly). Also on some maps, if you play the game how you’re meant to, people will have a go because they’d rather have a death match (rather than play the level, get the experience and move on with the game and their lives). However, I’ve met some lovely people on the in game chat, and you’d be surprised at how many people are actually happy to help the new players out with tips and tricks in team chat.

Overall, this is a really fun game if you like shooters. It’s fun to play online with your friends, it’s fun to play without your friends, and it’s one of those that really gets you thinking on strategy. I really recommend this to everyone who likes to play shooters, and it’s definitely a massive challenge for achievement hunters. (I’ve played 29 hours, and I still only have 18 out of 520 achievements.)
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