Syrian Warfare DLC Achievements

Syrian Warfare has 51 achievements.

The base game contains 37 achievements, and there is 1 DLC packs containing 14 achievements.

    Add-on: Return to Palmyra

    Return to Palmyra

    053 (60%)
    • The municipality will help

      Save the Al-Amiriyah's municipality staff (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Getting everyone out

      Evacuate all the civilians from Al-Amiriyah (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Stand up and fight!

      Find all the deserters in Al-Amiriyah and return them to your ranks (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Superguardian

      Do not allow the convoys to take any losses (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Stop panicking

      Prevent every desertion in Palmyra (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Instant karma

      Destroy the hijacked Grads before they can fire (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Science, unharmed

      Save the archaeologists (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Old friend

      Help Uncle Mansur break out of the encirclement (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Comrades in peril

      Do not allow the AA squads to die (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Safe rear

      Prevent the military town's capture (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Workhorse

      During the last Grad hunt, do not let the helicopter get shot down (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Black gold

      Prevent the oil extraction equipment's from being destroyed (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Last stand

      At the Palmyra airport, do not let any of the key points get re-captured by the enemy (Return to Palmyra DLC)

    • Return to Palmyra

      Complete the DLC on any difficulty setting (Return to Palmyra DLC)