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Alice In 8bit
Alice In 8bit
TSA Score for this game: 154
Posted on 10 July 17 at 23:43
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Sweet Fantasy is a short Visual Novel game and when i say short i mean really short. The game is about Pumpkin a Dryad girl trying too make a love potion for Amethyst the purple girl, It's a simple trail and error game with no real way of knowing what will make you lose the game and what will make you win but it doesn't matter because it seems everything in this game gives you an achievement.

+ Easy Achievements (If you are into that)
+ Green and Purple Boobs (If you are into that; Note on Gallery press TAB and then type code too unlock uncensored mode)
+ Steam Trading Cards (If you are into that)
+ Kinda Cute

- Shallow Story
- Far too Short (I had all achievements in 24 Minutes)
- Trail and Error Gameplay

All in All i cannot recommend this game too anyone unless you want a short visual novel but there is much better games of this genre out there.
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