Super POTUS Trump Reviews

TSA Score for this game: 30
Posted on 04 February 18 at 10:33, Edited on 04 February 18 at 10:33
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Super Potus Trump is a generic battle game, set up with Trump battling things such as Fake News, and the like. Developed and published by Emerson Design Inc, this is a “mini-game tribute” to Trump, that to be honest I only downloaded because the achievements seemed easy to get.

This game is horrid. The tutorial was weak, leading me into the non tutorial battle very confused and just randomly clicking things. Upon opening the game, you unlock three achievements that you haven’t even achieved, and then after two battles, it tells you that you have to buy the full game – and no, this isn’t a demo! The full game is DLC to this free to play game, costing you an extra $2 just for achievement completion.

A good tactic for those targeting achievement hunters, but believe me I won’t be buying it. Weak game mechanics, although a fun design and basic idea showing a lot of imagination, that is quite fun to play, it’s really not fun enough to buy the “full game DLC”. It’s another money wrangling game in a world full of them.

Go buy a free to play battle simulator and forget about this one. Really not worth the time or money.
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