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Posted on 29 January 18 at 10:49
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Summer Sale is a game developed around the idea of Steam's famed Summer Sale. The sole objective of the game being that you buy everything you can from the Steam Store at the cheapest prices. From the first look at the game, it appears filled with unfunny jokes, memes and other pointless things that were funny 2-3 years ago.

Upon loading the game, you're met with a 3 options. Play, Settings and Exit. Having looked into the settings menu, you're able to change a lot of settings to suit your personal needs right down to the colours it displays on the screen. This is a great addition but I feel there should be a colour blind mode for those with poor sight.

Once you're finally into the game, you're given $30 to buy as much content as you can from the Steam Store before you need to play the Mini Games to amass an amount of coins to buy the rest. This is where the game falls flat for me personally. The mini game choices you have to choose between are; Dragon Erol, a game which doesn't actually work nor does it allow you to collect coins with much ease; Glorious Cannon which premises you of essentially defending some black squares with meme names. It's also the easiest to get coins on if you do not own an auto clicker; Finally we have Coin Train which will delight the players who enjoy using an auto clicker. There really isn't much choice between the games and after a while, you'll get bored rather quickly. It doesn't help matters when you need $150 roughly to complete the game.

The positive side of the game is that isn't expensive. It's currently just 79p on the Steam Store and comes with 6 rather quick and easy achievements which offers you around 90 minutes of gameplay. If you're just after the quick completion, this game will fill your needs but ultimately it's another Indie game that shouldn't of passed Steam Quality Control.
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