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Posted on 03 April 17 at 07:37
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Stories Untold is a mix of puzzle game and walking simulator and is more of an experience than a game. It is split into 4 episodes and even has a retro Stranger Things-style opening to reinforce the sensation of watching an old TV series. Graphics are intentionally grainy and things clearly take place in the 80s, from the references to the technology. The first three episodes seem completely disconnected at first (in atmosphere, location and even gameplay), but the fourth episode ties everything up.


+ Impeccable atmosphere
+ Good variety of puzzles, none of which overstay their welcome
+ Good story (avoid spoilers)
+ Puzzles are simple enough that you probably won't need a walkthrough to finish the game


- Controls can be frustrating at times
- Near zero exploration (with unlockables only worth the related achievements)
- Near zero replayability
- Glitches in audio and graphics that are clearly intentional, but might nonetheless damage your experience


If you like puzzle games and walking simulators, play this game. It will be right up your alley (though beware that it might feel a tad short for its full price tag, so maybe wait for a sale). Even if you could not care less about the 80s (the story told here is universal enough).

If you only or chiefly care about gameplay in a game, you should stay away from this experience (and many others).
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