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Posted on 27 June 17 at 02:14
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It's obvious now that from the beginning, Rebellion had planned to make the Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army spin-off series a trilogy. This second installment came just mere months after the first, and as such it doesn't offer up much that the first game didn't already have, save for new landscape visuals and a couple new demonic creatures. For a larger grasp of the core of the game, I'll direct you to my review of the first Nazi Zombie Army here.

Somehow this title manages to come bearing more blood and gore than its predecessor, not to mention a new fiery landscape that wasn't present previously. All of the maps have at least one area that's completely on fire, while others convey the sense of burning in surrounding areas due to thick plumes of smoke highlighted by an orange-yellow backdrop. There's also a bigger horror element to this second entry, one that is equal parts psychological, disturbing, and grisly. The amount of blood-drenched bodies, pentagrams, swastikas, gore spurts, spatters, and smears have increased dramatically, it's definitely not a game for the weak of stomach.

New enemies include a Fire Demon, who bursts with uncontrollable rage and sets any surrounding grunts on fire; turning them into speedy little bags of ignited charcoal. The other new "big" enemy is the Summoner, and you can pretty well understand his role by his name. Also included are a new skeleton model with a little bit of added armor, and remodeled grunt soldiers. The rest of the foes are ones that return from the prior title; snipers, gun-toting warriors, occultists, and regular skeletons. The story is also still split up into 5 chapters, all of which last about half an hour to an hour each. There's not a whole lot that's been added, as you can clearly tell.

All of the same gameplay elements that were present in the original title are still included here, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 also comes with all of the annoying little quirks of its sophomore adventure as well; leaving it blatantly obvious that this game was either finished, or nearly so, long before Rebellion released it. Enemies still hit a little further than their model can reach, you still kick a little further than your model can reach, you still have to stop and press E to loot a body for ammo, and grenades are still difficult to control. There are a couple things that I ran out of room to discuss within my prior review, but I'm glad that it gives me something to talk about here.

While this spin-off series is indeed challenging, especially on higher difficulties, many of the confrontations can be completely sidestepped by backing yourself into a room with a narrow corridor; many of which are stockpiled with ammunition. In almost every instance when you're faced with a "siege" or "assault" moment where large hoards of undead Nazi's come spilling your way, there's a perfect alcove for you to funnel the enemy through, making it nearly impossible for you to get hurt. Though it can be ignored, having it there takes away a large portion of the core game mechanics, and not to mention the proposed threat. The aforementioned also negates the need for the cover system, which I personally never used in either title.

Even though Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 is clearly its predecessor dressed up with some new clothes it bought from the thrift store, it's still a fun wave-based zombie annihilation game. The new maps really help to keep the experience fresh, since they're so visually stunning and different than what came before. As for the story arc, it's lackluster at best but it serves an important purpose to what appears in Zombie Army Trilogy. As usual, the online portion of this game is dead, so if you're thinking about picking it up be prepared to play either solo or with friends. Recommended at a 75% discount, only if you want to play the original, otherwise pick up Zombie Army Trilogy instead.

Rating: 4.0/5.0 - Excellent, highly worth playing.
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