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Posted on 08 June 17 at 15:12
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From Scarlet String Studios comes Sepia Tears, a visual novel about a boy named Mark and a memory he is trying to forget.

I simply downloaded Sepia Tears because it promised to be a short visual novel with a small number of achievements that seemed to be easy enough to complete. I wasn't expecting much from it, so I wasn't really surprised when that was fulfilled.

The story is sad, and romantic, but doesn't offer much other than that. There's a lot of strange things that happen among this, and I'm still convinced Myra is some form of supernatural creature. The story actually confused me a little. Considering it's a 40,000 word visual novel, that takes some doing. I just don't think things were explained as clearly as they could have been.

I didn't really enjoy this game at all. It has its perks, like really well done character designs that are actually quite beautiful, but other than that, this was just a short visual novel to complete for achievements for me. I wish I would have enjoyed it more, but there really wasn't much to be enjoyed about it, for me, personally.
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