SEGA Bass Fishing Walkthrough

3. Arcade Mode

When you want to start Arcade Mode, you can change the amount of total weight you need to continue to the next area as well as the time you have to do so, but you don't really need to at all. If you fail to get the weight in time, you can continue without any penalty.

There are three standard stages of Arcade Mode. You'll be playing on three locations, and after these is a final stage. You'll find better bass in colder areas, which is something to keep in mind for Original Mode as well. If it's hotter outside, use a heavy lure, because the bass will stay in the colder water at the bottom of the lakes.

Progressing through Arcade Mode is very simple: Just keep catching fish until you reach the target weight. In the final level, which takes place in some ruins, you'll be required to catch a fish that's at least 15lbs. You may also catch a fish over 20lbs, which gives you another achievement. If you don't manage to find one here, you might find one in Original Mode or Practice Mode, so don't worry about having to replay Arcade Mode for one.

A Gift Lure in SEGA Bass Fishing

A Gift Lure10

You got a new lure in ARCADE MODE.

  • Unlocked by 153 tracked gamers (96% - TSA Ratio = 1.01) 159

Arcade Winner in SEGA Bass Fishing

Arcade Winner12

You cleared ARCADE MODE.

  • Unlocked by 111 tracked gamers (70% - TSA Ratio = 1.19) 159

Unbelievable Size in SEGA Bass Fishing

Unbelievable Size19

You caught a bass that weighs more than 20 lbs.

  • Unlocked by 45 tracked gamers (28% - TSA Ratio = 1.87) 159

There's another achievement for catching a total of 500 fish, which you can do in Practice Mode, but you should only do so after finishing Original Mode and earning its achievements. You can check how many fish you've caught in the leaderboards in the main menu.

I Love Fishing in SEGA Bass Fishing

I Love Fishing29

You caught a total of 500 basses.

  • Unlocked by 19 tracked gamers (12% - TSA Ratio = 2.89) 159

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