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    03 Jun 2017
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    What… is this game? The Steam Store recommended it to me and seeing that it was free and had Steam achievements, I decided to get it, even if just to pick up the five achievements in the game and have another completed game. Boy, oh boy

    Radiator 2 is probably the most uncomfortable game I have ever played. This is a game that is all about sex and it’s counterparts, and honestly? Sound is important. Please play this with sound. Get the most uncomfortable experience you can

    However, all the uncomfortableness aside, this is a relatively easy game to collect the achievements on. I got two in just nine minutes, and some of that was panicked game play on the mini game, trying to figure out how to control the gun. The main challenge is in the game Stick Shift and man am I not looking forward to playing that countless times to get the two achievements on it.

    Hurt Me Plenty is actually a really educational counter part of this game, actually showing how after care is needed in mild BDSM sex, and I think that’s actually pretty cool of the creator to put that in. It’s something that more people need to be aware of, so putting it in a game all about sex that people are going to get just for laughs is a really neat idea. Hats off!

    Other than that, there isn’t much else to this game. It’s purely a game about sex ideas and themes and, for me and some of my friends, really uncomfortable to play. Unfortunately, I’m a completionist, so welcome to hell

    I’d actually recommend this though! It’s pretty good, the game controls are really easy to grasp and use and most of the achievements are really easy to pick up!
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    For such a short game, there really is a lot to say about Radiator 2; big things come in small packages. I'd first heard of Robert Yang, the developer, when his game Stick Shift became the topic of video game controversy a year or two ago. To be blunt and simple, Radiator 2 is not for homophobic wastes of skin, as the three games that lay inside the title are filled with homoerotic content. With that being said, not only those who are gay will have a good laugh here.

    First up, we have the BDSM-driven Hurt Me Plenty, in which you spank your lover. You can do this either soft and gently, or go to town on his butt cheeks and make him cry in pleasure and ecstasy. Once you're all done with the master-slave scenario, you get to massage him to show after-play care. This mini game is meant to symbolize the consent/caring portion of BDSM communities, and prior to the spanking session your AI partner will display symbols for you in almost a "safe-word" kind of manner.

    Succulent is a whole different type of game, that's not much more than an elaborate music video about fellatio. You control a studly bear-looking guy who just happens to have a long, dong shaped ice cream. By moving your mouse, you cause him to suck and lick the treat right down to the wooden stick. The more intense you get, and the further the ice-cream melts, the deeper it goes into his throat and cheeks, and the weirder the music video gets with the two guys on either side of the one you're controlling massaging their junk. This title symbolizes nothing but sweet, sticky sucking action.

    Finally we get to Stick Shift, which is... you guessed it, an auto-erotic night driving simulator. This game is the harder of the three, and in order to win it you must reach sixth gear. You can use your mouse to pump the stick shift up and down, which causes your car to rev in pleasure and excitement; although this does not have much to do with completing the simulation. After predetermined amount of time, you're able to shift into the next gear; each time you gear shift, the main guy goes pleasure crazy until there's a nice load of spunk dripping from the exhaust pipe at the end. However, there is a possibility of being pulled over by the cops on each playthrough, and it's random.

    There's also a special hidden mini game that can be accessed by clicking the condoms that are on the bed of the main screen. This is a first-person shooter simulator, where you must stare at the underwear-clad packages of men in an adjacent building through a sniper rifle scope, and shoot a condom at them so that they can have ultra safe protected sex. This game also attempts to have a small storyline, which is rather humorous.

    After you finish every game, a timer pops up and tells you the amount of time you have before you can play that particular segment again. If you happen to be pulled over by the police in Stick Shift, you have the option of blowing them kisses which just makes them angrier, and makes your timer go up. Hurt Me Plenty has the longest cool down of all, at five days. The controls can be a little stiff and hard to get used to, but once your hand gets lubed up with sweat it makes it a lot easier to keep pumping your mouse for maximum efficiency.

    The long and thick of it is, Radiator 2 is a pretty funny game in small doses. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this content being on Steam, in my opinion, especially since we have so many visual anime novels with nudity in them already. This game is simply, well... flamboyantly gay, and that's absolutely alright. Radiator 2 should be avoided by people with no sense of humor and intolerant fools. The play time will last roughly 30-60 minutes, depending on how many times you fail Stick Shift, and you will... trust me. If you like crude content that has a funny side, then go on and give this one a shot; you've got nothing to lose, it's free.

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