7. Quantum Break Act 5

Act 5

Part 1

Welcome to the final Act of Quantum Break. You'll begin this level near Monarch HQ. Time is falling apart and the End of Time is fast approaching. Run forwards slightly and the train from the cutscene will come crashing through the pillars to your left, before a stutter begins and stops it in place, eventually rewinding it. Run forwards and on the reception desk in front of you, you should see a radio allowing you to listen to another Theresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show PR (#1/25). Run up the stairs ahead and you'll be attacked by a few Monarch troops including a heavy trooper, so take these guys out before continuing.

Enter the next area via the glass security gates by interacting with a panel on the right-hand side, letting you through. Run to your left, past all the security gates and you'll find a little alcove on your left, leading to the men's toilets. Activate time vision here for the first Chronon Source (#2/25) of this Act. Head back the way you came, towards the set of escalators. Before reaching them, there is a pillar showing the Monarch HQ Map (#3/25) just to the left. Run up the escalators and you'll be attacked by a couple of Monarch that comes out of the lifts in front of you. After taking them out, on the end of the long desk in front of the lifts, you'll find another intel item Monarch Radio Note (#4/25). Go behind the desk and examine one of the computers for an email called Getting To Be That Time!!! (#5/25) and then just along on the other end of the desk, you'll find an email called one called Shifter Alert (#6/25).

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Enter the lift and travel up to the next level. Exit the lift when you can and you'll enter a violent scene, with Monarch troops strewn all over the place. Before continuing, head to the left sofa with the red material over one end. You'll be able to find a PDA here with the email Martin Hatch (#7/25) then leave the area via the door up ahead. In this room, you'll need to take down a handful of shifters. After taking these guys down, you'll be attacked by TWO Juggernauts at once. After taking out both of these, head to the opposite side of the room to the door, near where the Juggernauts jumped in from. On the back wall, you'll find a poster on a board called Monarch PR Protocol (#8/25). Run towards the yellow wall and door that you need to go through to continue and on the second desk back from the door, you'll find a laptop with the email That Creepy Asshole's Gone! (#9/25).

Leave the room via the door near the yellow wall, and travel over the skybridge. Follow the main path around, through the corridor of slaughtered Monarch troops. Before you enter the door at the end of this corridor, head into the room on your left. Immediately on your right, activate time vision and collect a Chronon Source (#10/25). Run to the directly opposite side of the table and you'll find a desk with a few screens on it, interact with the left screen for Time Stabber (#11/25) and then with the right screen for About My Screenplay and New Video!!! (#12/25). Enter the door on your right and go to the desk straight in front of you. On the left side, you'll find a piece of intel, Monarch Paperweight with Note (#13/25) then travel right, to the far desk, and examine the PC there for a email called A Confession (#14/25).

Turn around and head through the door behind you and follow the corridor around the corner and through the door ahead, where a cinematic will start. Once you regain control, the stutter will end. Travel straight down the corridor and to the right and activate the panel to open the door ahead. Through this door, on the small desk to your left, examine the note on top of it for Untitled Note (#15/25) then enter Paul Serene's office. As you approach his desk, a cinematic will start.

When you regain control, interact with Serene's laptop for Final Instructions (#16/25) and then stay on the top level, run past the desk with Paul's medicine on, and go over to the bookcase on the next wall. Interact with the PDA and you'll find an email called RE: Time Machine Core (#17/25) then carry on ahead towards the bed. On drawers next to the bed, interact with a piece of paper for Reflections On The End (#18/25) then run up the stairs onto the little raised platform behind the bed and activate time vision for a Chronon Source (#19/25).

Run down the stairs behind you towards the long wall of boards. On a desk in front of them is a laptop, where you can interact with an email called Quantum Ripple Research Unit (#20/25) then head down the door behind you towards the labs. Enter the first lab you see and one the right you'll find a laptop with Sofia's Personal Notes (#21/25). Head towards the countermeasure storage.

Here you'll be attacked by Liam Burke. He wasn't particularly hard, just take out his Chronon harness. From where Liam freezes, look right and on the middle bench, you'll find a laptop with Read Me Right Now - CFR Procedures!! (#22/25) then run to the opposite bench and look at the laptop here for Chronon Particle Stockpile Update (#23/25). Open the countermeasure room then head to the left, on a desk you will find Personal Notes On The CFR (#24/25). Turn around and go to the desk behind you, and on the floor in front of the desk, you'll find a piece of intel, Charlie's Badge (#25/25). As this is the last bit of intel, assuming you've been following the walkthrough, you'll earn;

Now go into the central chamber and collect the countermeasure, which should unlock;

Then head to the lift at the back of the room and activate the time machine upstairs. As the corridor is set into place, you'll be ambushed by Monarch soldiers. As you fight through everyone, you'll find a stutter will start, but you'll still be under attack from strikers. Once you take out all the strikers, the stutter will stop and you'll need to take out all the other enemies, including a heavy trooper. Once you've taken them all out, interact with the console once more to set the date, then enter the time machine, ending part 1.

Part 2

When you exit the time machine and take back control of Jack, you'll have a couple of enemies to take out as you travel around the outside of the original machine. Before you reach the service lift, you'll find a ramp on the right. Run up this and activate time vision at the top to find a Chronon Source (#1/6). Head back down the ramp and enter the lift. When the lift reaches the bottom, run forward but don't got around the corner just yet. Look left, then shoot the propane tank on the floor to the left. This should get you a double kill. Before continuing, if you haven't unlocked the achievement for killing 15 enemies with explosions, here is the spot to grind it out. Restart the last checkpoint, which is the bottom of the lift, and repeat the explosive double kill. After getting all the remaining explosive kills that you need, if you haven't already popped it, you'll earn;

  • Area Effect

    Kill 15 enemies with environmental explosions.

    Area Effect
    Offline Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cumulative + - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.

After killing these guys as many times as you require, walk into the next room and you'll be attacked by two heavy troopers and a few normal soldiers. Take all these guys out then use time stop to hold the door open and get outside. From here, run forward towards the forklift truck, then climb on top of it. Activate time vision, then grab the Chronon Source (#2/6) ahead of you.

Head over to the left wall and go up the stairs ahead of you. At the top will be two strikers facing away from you. Take them both out, then there will be a few more over in the distance. Take all of the other soldiers out. You'll be directed to a section to reverse time on a lorry. Reverse time, then time rush forwards towards the metal shutter and run inside when the gate opens for the lorry. There will be another load of normal troops and strikers in this area too, so destroy all of them. After this, you'll have to learn the code to the gate. Do this by interacting with the troop shadows in the middle of the garage, then follow them up the ramp to the left, then all the way down to the end of the first floor, to hear Liam Burke tell them the code. Heard over to the little control booth on the right side of the ground floor, then enter the research building.

Just as you enter, in the first room, head to the second little alcove on the right (with seats) and activate time vision for another Chronon Source (#3/6). Travel up the escalators and there will be another handful of troops that you have to take out. In this area, head towards the back of the room, where there is a little island, an open panel in the wall and a fire extinguisher hung on the wall. Next to the fire extinguisher is a note on the wall that you can examine for Note Regarding Chronon Dampener (#4/6). Disconnect the Chronon dampener on the open panel to the left of this note. You'll be attacked by more troops, including a couple of heavy troopers, however you'll be completely in the dark. The only light will be from the torches on the enemy guns, so you'll be relying fairly heavily on time vision to see your enemies. After defeating them, the lights will come back on.

Exit the area via the door to the library, run up the stairs, climb onto the row of portaloos just in front of you, then climb the scaffolding platforms and jump onto the building scaffolding. Climb up the ladder and a cinematic will start when you reach the top. Run along the walkway and jump onto the yellow crane, then climb up the first ladder. when you reach the top of this ladder, before going up the second ladder, run around this little platform and activate time vision for another Chronon Source (#5/6). Climb up the second ladder then run along the top of the crane then jump onto the rooftop on the other side, where you'll be attacked by more Monarch soldiers, including a sniper and a heavy, although next to the sniper are a few explosive barrels that you can destroy to take him out a load quicker.

After finishing off these soldiers, break through a little fenced area, climb up the generator, then onto the air duct around the outside of the building, then jump down onto the roof beneath you. Run up the roof with the blue tarp covering it and kill the Monarch troops on this side of the roof, then on the other side you'll be right behind a sniper that you also need to take out. There will be another sniper on a far roof as well. You'll have to time rush up the path to the left to take out the soldiers at the end, although feel free to stop and take cover to allow your rush to recover before continuing up the whole path. There will be two heavy troopers on this roof pathway, so try to take out the sniper first then focus on these guys.

Enter the doorway at the end of this path and go down the stairs, where you'll reach the upper ring of the library. When you get nearby to the entrance of this room, you'll get a timer appear in the top left in place of your objective. You now have 15 seconds to reach Will in the lobby. Jump over the railings on the level below near the door and exit the door. You'll trigger a cinematic cutscene where Serene triggers the library explosive and you rescue Will. DO NOT SKIP THIS CUTSCENE (doing so will not unlock the achievement and you'll need to replay the chapter). During or after this cutscene, you should unlock;

Once you regain control, follow Will around, take out a couple of Monarch soldiers, then enter the Riverport University Chemistry building. Follow Will around the building and then up the stairs, then into a room on the first floor. You'll probably recognise this room as the area where you first learnt how to time dodge. Inside this room, head to the back right corner, towards a painting (with a beardy man in it) and activate time vision for the last Chronon Source (#6/6) in this part.

Follow Will through the lecture theatre and outside into the car park that you visited in the first act. As you open the door, a cinematic will start. This will end part 2.

Part 3 - Final Moments

The final part of the final act. You'll start with a short cinematic of Jack and Will arriving at Bradbury Swimming Pool. When you gain control of Jack, turn around and head behind the taxi. Activate time vision, then on the left just in front of you, you should find a Chronon Source (#1/3) then run back and follow Will into the swimming pool. Run up the stairs and go into the restaurant area and interact with the radio on the bar, ahead on the left as you walk in. This give you Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show (#2/3), which is also the last collectable minus a Chronon Source. As long as you've followed this guide, you should now earn;

  • Media Baron

    Find all e-mails, presentations, TV shows, radios and posters.

    Media Baron
    Offline Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.

Run back down the stairs and help Will open the door. Follow Will through the locker room and around the corner. Before entering the pool containing the time machine, head right past the door into an area with showers. Activate time vision here for your last Chronon Source (#3/3) and also your last collectable. Now, you will have been upgrading your time skills throughout the game, and this last source gives you enough to upgrade everything fully. You'll likely have picked up one of these achievemetns already, but I'll be listing it here just in case. Upgrade all of your time skills full and you'll earn both of the following;

  • Stop / Go

    Fully upgrade Time Stop or Time Dodge.

    Stop / Go
    Offline Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.Shop - These achievements require the purchase of an item or a series of items as prerequisites from a shop.

Enter the time machine room and a cinematic will start, taking you back to the future. Follow Will around the corridor and emerge the other side. You'll instantly come under fire from Monarch troops once you walk out. A stutter will also be in progress, and once you've defeated all the troops, you'll have to release Will from the stutter. As you go to release him, Paul Serene will appear and a cutscene will initiate. Once you're back in control, the final boss battle will commence.

Rush down the ramp and take out the first enemy, and continue to take out all the other Monarch soliders. At this point, you can't damage Paul at all. While taking out the troops, Paul will also attack you with time blasts. The area immediately around you with glow orange/ red and detonate a few seconds later. Run away, or even better, time dodge, as soon as any colour appears to avoid these attacks.

After you kill the first set of Monarch troops, Paul will switch position to on top of the time machine. From here, Paul will drop a HUGE time blast that slowly increase in size before detonating and dealing massive damage. After this detonates, quickly run to the front of the room where Paul was and you'll see his shield is down. Take a shot at him and you only need a single bullet to hit. He'll then reappear in the first spot he occupied, above the door and a load more Monarch troops arrive. Take on these troops and dodge the blasts from Paul until he moves to the top of the time machine again.

This time, he will deploy three huge blasts. Once one appears and starts growing, run away from it. As soon as that one detonates, another will appear, and then a third after that. You'll find yourself running around the whole room quite a lot. After the third blast has detonated, fire at Paul and the battle will end, starting another cinematic cutscene.

Once you regain control, follow and help Will. This will start the final cutscene and end the game.

You should hopefully now unlock;

  • Time Cop

    Complete the game on Normal Difficulty.

    Time Cop
    Offline Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.Difficulty Specific - These achievements require that the game be played on a certain difficulty level.Stackable - These achievements can be unlocked at the same time as, or in the course of, earning its more difficult or less difficult counterpart.

  • Time Master

    Complete 100% of the game. Find every hidden thing, make every choice. DO ALL THE THINGS.

    Time Master

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