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Posted on 13 June 18 at 03:47
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Got the game for free during E3 2018 week when Bethesda was giving it away.

What do you get in the starter edition? 2 Champions, one a basic Champion than another Champion if you complete the tutorial. Starter edition is pretty basic, you don't even get access to the custom games, it's locked off for plebs (unless if you pay $19).

Want more Champions? You can get them with in-game currency (which you pay for with real money or earn by playing countless hours/days) or you can buy the Champions bundle on Steam for like $19 to get access to all the Champions.

Pay 2 Win? Eh... Maybe? The Champions have special abilities and with this, it's more or less a one shot kill. During this week of giveaway, I had the ability to play 'DOOM Slayer' for 2 days due to an event they had in-game. Once you activated his ability, you can literally punch enemies and kill them in 1 shot.

Every match you get into, each one is competitive. Quake Champions is a decent game, but it's like a F2P game, a lot of content is locked behind doors.
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