Pixel Cup Soccer 17 Reviews

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    20 Mar 2020 27 Apr 2020
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    Pixel Cup Soccer 17 is a retro arcade football game by Batovi Games Studio.
    ► The gameplay of Pixel Cup Soccer 17 is pretty fluid and easy to play with. The controls are really intuitive and even a guy who never played a footbal game can easily enjoy them! You just have to press two buttons,one for the passes and one for the shoots, but you have two differents ways to do both of them:
    - If you keep pressing the shooting button,you will start a power shot.
    - instead if you keep pressing the pass button you can do crosses or lob passes, to hit some acrobatics goals in mid-air!

    There are a total of 3 different modes:
    ► Competitions
    ► Friendly Matches
    ► Penalty Kicks

    The competion mode is the main mode of the game, you can choose one of 8 cups and start playing little tournaments to become a champion, with your favourite team!
    Apart from the classic cups like the Euro and the World Cup, there is also a women’s cup, and the pixel league/tournament wich has some club teams!
    It is a very funny mode to play with,also winning the world cup with a low stars team could be a huge achievement! Because it’s the only way your national team could win a cup.

    Friendly matches are just normal matches, you choose two teams,your favourites settings, and start playing! You can also play against a friend, with a local co-op.

    The penalty kicks well.. are penalty kicks.

    Pixel Cup Soccer 17 has a colorful pixel art graphic style like the old football arcade games! The animations are really funny and well made, I loved the faces of the players while missing a penalty or after a goal.

    A bit of relax after a long working day!

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