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Posted on 07 March 18 at 20:29, Edited on 07 March 18 at 20:35
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I received Megabyte Punch for free in some giveaway. And I finally booted it up about a month later. It's a novel idea, but it heavily suffers in that it's not a unique game outside of those ideas in my opinion.

The game is clearly influenced by both Mega Man and Super Smash Brothers. The player runs through Mega Man style levels and uses Super Smash Brothers combat to fight. In addition, there's a rather involved system for equipping items that will help change stats, give new abilities and get new attacks.

There are even different levels, every level has a theme, and each level looks different.

So on paper so far, that should sound good. The problem is there's a caveat to almost everything I've said.

Megaman had amazing levels, I'm sure if you can think of two different levels, you can come up with at least ten differences between them, Megaman's levels are iconic. Megabyte Punch's levels are not. For the most part, they are pallet swaps with very little life to them, you can look at the images above and notice, that the "ice" world looks the same Dirt world, and the Metal world is only slightly different. They handle the same, they act the same they are the same. There's no different controls or different "theme" it's really just a pallet swap. What made Megaman iconic is the characters and the levels all have a single solid theme that really stand out.

As for the combat. I have to say that is the highest point, and then I also have to say the lowest point. The combat feels SO fresh when you beat up the first enemy, and when you beat up the same enemy for what feels like the 50th time (which actually is the 50th time) before the first boss, it's tiring. Megaman has a lot of enemies, but it threw a lot of low health enemies at you. Instead in this game, each enemy takes 3-4 hits to kill, using Smash Brother rules (higher damage means they fly higher). Boss battles are FANTASTIC with this system because they have special attacks and different tactics. They even have a life system with it.

Regular enemies though are repetitive as hell. When you have to beat everyone by hitting them 4-5 times, the novelty of the combat wears off and you're just like "I want to get through this level". It's sadly tedious.

Smash combat works well when you're fighting hard enemies on a single level, but trying to make a full level based game with it, is tiresome, and while it was good enough for Super Smash Brothers Melee, it wasn't required to stand on its own, but just be a side diversion. Plus you had the iconic characters Smashing it out.

And finally the item system. Again, novel idea, horrible execution. The images up top look good, and they are good, the problem that is in game, at least in the first three levels, you never really look "good" you don't look iconic, you look like a jumbled together wreck of a machine

It's a really great concept though, but the fact is nothing really works exactly like it should. I actually got bored of it by the third level and went to play something else.

I got the game for free, but I had to ask myself "How much would I have paid for this game?" and well the answer I ended up with is, I wouldn't have paid for it. I just didn't like it that much, it really was a great concept, but the overall execution bored me, and I feel it missed out, because a game that plays like Megaman but with a smash gameplay could work, but it needs a lot more iconic levels, and less Smash gameplay (or at least fewer enemies you have to fight).
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