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Posted on 02 February 18 at 11:58
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MatchyGotchy is a 2018 Silverware Games Inc. release, where you hatch a star and take care of it. The aim of the game is to simply build sips to explore the mystical Xanadu; once you explore it 100%, you’ve won the game. Along the way, you collect and hatch more stars simply by having your current star build ships. The further along the eggs you get, the longer it takes to create ships, and upgrade your current stars. Released on only the 31st of January (review date: 2nd February), already this game has a small fandom and a positive rating, people loving the game and the graphics. Curious from the small following the game has, I decided to have a look at it.

This game is fun, at first. It is enjoyable raising a few of the stars, making sure they’re alright, and fed, and healthy, but after two or three stars, it gets quite boring. It’s highly repetitive, and the game could have definitely done better with the idea of making things different for each star, even having to choose food for each individual star instead of just clicking a button and it gets shoved with a burger.

MatchyGotchy is, unfortunately, no different to the phone apps that require you to hit a few buttons in order to take care of an imaginary creature, those that tend to be deleted after a few days because you lose interest in them, and the push notifications are just annoying. In a world of games so similar, the only difference to this one is the fact you’re raising stars and planets instead of an imaginary creature. It could have done much better having more variety, and not being as limited as all other games of it’s kind.

Overall, this is only a 2.5 star game out of 5. It could be much better, but it has its merits; it’s sweet and fun for a while, its bright colours aren’t too bright and are nice to look at, and it runs well. A shame that it gets so repetitive after a while and boring, but a positive vote from me for the start of it being entertaining enough.
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