Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Reviews

TSA Score for this game: 360
Posted on 21 September 17 at 00:44
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If you played a Marvel vs. Capcom series game before, then you should know what to expect. It has the same frantic fast-paced fighting as the previous titles with some interesting new unique twists to it as well such as the Infinity Stones system, which returns from Marvel Super Heroes but with added gameplay elements such as the Infinity Surge mechanic. Plus, the netcode for the game is rock solid so far (I haven't played UMvC3 but from what I've heard, the netcode for that game was rather problematic). The only problem that I think of the game is that the DLC characters (current and future) cost money compared to games such as Street Fighter V, where they are free to unlock using in-game currency, though this is just a minor complaint since you can purchase a Character Pass, for Season 1 and beyond, to get the characters for when they're released. Other than that, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is definitely a solid release for anyone who's into the Marvel vs. Capcom series or just wants a fun, casual friendly fighting game to drain countless hours into thanks to the wide array of content in the game.

P.S. Although the launch roster doesn't contain any X-Men characters, there is a rumor that we'll be seeing them as DLC next year, along with a slew of X-Men movies to be released as well. Just a little reminder to those who are wondering.
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