Loading Screen Simulator Reviews

  • Titanium DragonTitanium Dragon135,302
    25 Nov 2017
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    This is a joke game. Not a game that is funny, but a game that is deliberately a joke on its audience, made because the creator was angry that so many crappy games were being approved on Steam Greenlight, so they made a crappy game to get approved on Steam Greenlight.

    This is a "clicker" game taken literally; the only way to get money in the game is clicking. There's no way to gain more money per click, though, nor is there any way to gain money while idling.

    This is a bad game, but you can get 12 achievements pretty quickly in it. That's about all there is here, though.
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    HughyJuspurActually the game has a meaning, and also the achievements were easy to get
    Posted by HughyJuspur on 18 Dec 17 at 01:53
  • transyotransyo23,225
    22 Aug 2017
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    Loading Screen Simulator is a meme, simulator game that comes from Russia, from developers CakeEaterGames. Released in 2017, you simply try and get your PC to load faster, and get the loading bar to 100%. Sounds pretty simple, right?

    This is the most infuriating game I have ever played in my life. Constant clicking, constant waiting around, and Christ. The achievements are not easy to get, at all, as people have said, and honestly, I had to download an auto clicker just to get half of this done. I have never hated a game more in my life, and after almost two hours of gameplay, I still haven’t finished it, and still have the worst achievement of the game to get. The noises and soundtrack are more than annoying, and honestly, I think they may be worse than the game itself.

    With little fun, nothing to keep the game going, and nothing but annoyance and frustration, I would seriously recommend skipping this game. It’s not a quick completion, it’s not some fun, it’s just frustration in a game.