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Posted on 13 June 18 at 03:46
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Despite this game releasing at the wrong time and Cliff B abandoning it, it's now a free 2 play title.

What are my thoughts now after free 2 play? Well, now that I can actually play it and not seeing other people play it. Cliff B should have put LawBreakers around a $10 price tag because $30 was asking for too much for a game that was competing with Overwatch in its prime.

Note that, Boss Key Productions was shutdown by Cliff B. The servers for Lawbreakers will probably only be active for a few months (or until the year ends, who knows) and you will probably see 0 updates/support/DLC. So play until the servers go down or until Cliff B says something else on Twitter. Maybe the community can bring this game back now with it being free 2 play and Cliff B can see that via the Steam Charts.

Is it good? Yes, but good different. It's a nice change of pace from the trash Call of Duty series.



Game is shutting down in September.
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