Late Shift Reviews

  • gamerjetgamerjet17,065
    10 May 2019
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    Before I talk about Late Shift, let me start by saying that I work the late shift in the real world. Why do I start by telling you this? Simply because if you've worked a late shift, you know just how crazy people and things can get after dark.

    Late Shift is a movie with player choice options throughout the 70ish minutes. Your cast as the character Matt who thinks he is working another typical late shift on the job, but quickly learns just how dangerous working the late shift can be. The story is quite a ride and I won't spoil it as it clearly is the highlight of the game. The cast does a solid job, the footage is high quality.

    The only technical hiccup I experienced once was late into the game for a few seconds where the footage paused and the audio continued on. Though I think it was likely the Win 10 OS doing something in the background and not the game's fault.

    Late shift isn't very long in terms of gameplay, but with many choices to be made, you'll enjoy it still on a second or third play. Achievements offer an incentive to play it all and steam cards are a nice bonus as well. It's worth the full admission.