5. Just Cause 2 Faction Missions

As you progress through the game and earn Chaos, you'll unlock new stronghold takeovers and faction missions, which will result in you earning even more Chaos. It's a good idea to complete as many of these as you can on Hardcore so you can reach the last mission faster, but on your completion playthrough, you'll be required to finish all of them. Luckily for you, turning the difficulty to the easiest setting for the completion playthrough makes all of these a cakewalk.

Stronghold Takeovers

Just Cause 2 | Stronghold Takeovers

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As soon as you finish Mission 2 and are put into the open-world part of the game for the first time, the first three stronghold takeovers will be available to you. Complete these before you do anything else, because the locations that you take over act as respawn points, and are also likely far away from anywhere you've been before. The other six takeovers will require you to build up more Chaos before you can take part in them and unlock even more missions.

Reapers Stronghold Takeover: Rocket Science

Your first job with the Reapers will be to take over the military stronghold to the northwest, in the mountains. Approach the base, and some guards will be stationed at some small sandbag posts. Kill them, and a vehicle with a few more enemies will drive in. Continue through the base and you'll come to a big, indestructible wall, which will cue the Reapers to ask you to open it so they can get through. Grapple over to the other side and find the security panel, then hack it to make the wall rescind into the ground. The AA gun nearby might be tempting, but it won't be able to hit the helicopter that'll soon fly in. Hijack it and quickly get out of there, because SAMs placed around the base will immediately fire at you if you're piloting it.

Once the chopper is down, continue through the base with the Reapers until they ask you to take out the mounted gunner up ahead. A few well-placed pistol rounds should work, or you can zoom over there and shoot him from behind. Keep pushing through the facility and you'll face a second mounted gunner at the transmitter. Kill him as well, and wipe out the remaining opposition. Then detach the gun so you can aim it wherever you please, and get ready for three small waves of enemies. There will be some health at the transmitter if you need it. The first two waves will consist of a few foot soldiers, followed by a vehicle, all of which can be decimated with the turret in your possession. After they fall, the stronghold commander will fly in with a chopper of his own. There are two ways to kill the commander when he appears in a chopper: the first, easiest, and most obvious would be to use the turret that's already in your hand, but if you want to do some sightseeing and location-finding afterwards, you might want to fly up to him and hijack his ride.

Roaches Stronghold Takeover: Free Trade

Razak Razman, the leader of the Roaches, will send you to one of the districts of Panau City to capture an important harbor so he can safely smuggle in contraband. Once you're there, lead the Roaches towards the front gate, take down the enemies, and hack the gate's panel to let the rest of the Roaches in. Then you'll clear out a large warehouse with a handful of soldiers inside. When you leave, a sniper will be positioned to your left, and is a threat to the gang. Pull him off the crane he's standing on with the grapple and continue through the harbor, leading to another warehouse to clear out.

Like at the end of the first warehouse, a new threat will be just around the corner. This time it's a mounted gunner, right in front of the transmitter. Wipe out the opposition and grab his turret, and get ready for the final stand. A few enemies will come from either side, followed by a vehicle, but they won't stand a chance to the turret you've got. The stronghold commander will fly in on a chopper after his allies are dead; focus your fire on him to destroy it and successfully take over the stronghold.

Ular Boys Stronghold Takeover: Power Surge

Much like the first takeover for the Roaches, the Ular Boys' first stronghold is protected by a few soldiers outside of a gate you need to hack. Let the boys in and along the way inside will be a soldier with a rocket launcher up in a tower; pull him out of the tower and continue ahead. Past an underpass will be some more enemies up on some catwalks near the roof of the building in front of you, and to the left will be a sniper that the Ulars will ask for you to take out. The last obstacle will not be too far ahead, and much like before, will be a mounted gunner. The end will also play out the same, but the stronghold commander will be in a heavy tank this time. The easiest method of killing him would be to just aim for his head poking out instead of destroying the vehicle.

The next three stronghold takeovers require you to have 110,000 Chaos, which isn't too bad since you should now have a handful of faction missions to take part in after you've done the three initial takeovers.

Reapers Stronghold Takeover: A Second Amendment

This mission will take you to the desert to the southwest, which is convenient for reaching the third story mission. Bolo wants this stronghold to arm her ever-growing group of Reapers, so she'll send you in to help the technician disable the transmitter inside. At the front gate of the base are two towers, with one enemy each inside, as well as some troops on the ground. Take all of them out and then grapple over the heavy gate to the tower on the right just inside; the guard with the rocket launcher here is a high priority target due to the large amounts of damage he can inflict on you and the Reapers. Then go for the ground troops inside the base, and open the gate to let your buddies inside.

The Reapers will take the first left they can when they enter the stronghold, so follow them (or run ahead of them) and take out the soldiers that appear on the building to the right. Along the path is another soldier working a mounted turret; kill him and take the gun with you for the rest of the mission to make things easier as you get closer to the transmitter. You also may as well destroy as many Chaos structures you see on the way.

Up ahead is another heavy-duty gate, but this one will automatically open as you approach to reveal a vehicle with a mounted turret on top. Blow it up with your own turret as soon as you can, and the biggest threat until your destination will have been eliminated. Clean up the rest of the enemies and the technician will start hacking the signal. The first wave will be a few measly soldiers to the west, and the second will consist of two enemy vehicles that ride in from the south. Take care of them with ease with the turret you have or the one at the transmitter, and the stronghold commander will ride in on a huge vehicle of his own. His ride is the SV-1003 Raider, so check if you've marked it off your list before fighting the commander. If you haven't ridden in it yet, simply aim for the commander instead of the vehicle to keep it intact, then ride in it yourself as your comrades cheer your name.

Roaches Stronghold Takeover: Oil for Blood

You should recognize by now the standard pattern that stronghold takeovers follow. Except this time, there aren't going to be any marked snipers, rocket launchers, or gunners. There won't even be a gunner at the end this time. As a result, you won't have a turret to use against the upcoming enemies to defend the technician. There's a chopper parked at the transmitter that you can use, but there are SAMs placed around the base that you need to watch out for. The stronghold commander will arrive in a chopper this time.

Ular Boys Stronghold Takeover: Pilgrimage

This stronghold is up to the northwest; not on the island to the very northwest, but on the coast of the mainland. You'll be going through a few temples, with some snipers on the roof of one. The transmitter is at a smaller shrine uphill at the end of the temple, and a mounted gunner will be firing at you from there. Normally, gunners aren't too big of a problem, but since this guy (as well as his allies) are uphill, you might want to stay behind cover and slowly work your way up to him. Then use the turret to plow through the waves of enemies until the stronghold commander shows up in a chopper.

The final stronghold takeovers ask you to have 240,000 Chaos before you can start them, but you'll easily attain this much as you work your way towards new story missions. Finishing all nine of them will grant you an achievement.

Reapers Stronghold Takeover: Chemical Compound

Very early after you storm the front gate and open it for the Reapers, an open turret is placed just ahead. I suggest carrying it throughout the entire stronghold, because it'll tear everyone and everything in your path apart. There's also a mounted gunner at the end of the stronghold, but it'd make sense to take the one earlier in the base instead of waiting till the end to have one.

Roaches Stronghold Takeover: Paradise Valley

This stronghold is to the southeast, which is likely a vastly unexplored area for you, so doing this mission will take you to an entirely new region. Like the last Reapers takeover, a turret is going to be available very early in the mission, except a mounted gunner will be using it first. Take him out and carry it throughout the entire mission. The last waves of enemies will come out of the crops, and the stronghold commander will appear by chopper.

Ular Boys Stronghold Takeover: Boys with Toys

At the front of this stronghold are two men placed in turrets atop two vehicles. Both can be killed from a distance if you aim precisely enough, so you might want to do that. Just over the gate are four towers, two on each side, with an enemy in each. As the Ulars run around the other side, you might want to save yourself some time and kill these four enemies sooner rather than later.

A bit further into the fortress is another gate to open as per usual, but to the left of where the gate's switch is are two more towers with snipers inside. Kill them early and you'll be able to start working on the last group of enemies in the stronghold, just a bit further from the towers. Then take the turret from the mount on top of the catwalks and destroy the last few waves of enemies.

Every time you complete a stronghold takeover, you'll unlock whatever faction missions are present in the area controlled by the respective gang. You also unlock missions as the gangs' territory expands, which is also track-able on the map screen. On Hardcore, these missions are vital to complete so that you're able to finish the story faster and move on to the completion run; on the completion run, though, you're required to finish all 49 of the missions, but this won't be a problem with the difficulty set as low as possible. All faction missions will be available to you once you have 390,000 Chaos and have finished all stronghold takeovers.

Reaper Faction Missions

Just Cause 2 | Reapers Faction Missions

Reapers Faction Mission: Black Gold

Bolo wants you to destroy one of Panay's oil rigs a few kilometers away from where the mission starts. An Si-47 Leopard should be parked nearby for you to hijack and fly over to the rig, and you should try to break as much as you can before you ditch your ride. You likely won't be able to destroy all the Chaos structures in the base with the plane, so when you think the Leopard isn't helping much anymore, head down to the rig yourself and take care of the rest of the objects. There's a small generator you might miss up top, and there are a handful of gas tanks underneath the main floor, and are visible from the ocean. You can fast travel out of there by using a beacon on the ocean itself, but you also have to wait/hide until your heat wears off.

Reapers Faction Mission: Can I Get a Witness

The target for this mission is a man who will be willing to testify against Razak Razman, the leader of the Roaches. To find him, you'll need to use your PDA to hack the equipment inside a nearby military base. After checking the door to the control room and being unable to open it, kill the guard with the key to the room as well as anyone else in your path. Open the door and toss a grenade in if you have one, because a turret's been placed to shoot anyone who enters. Then hack the terminals and you'll find your man.

A Reaper chopper will fly by to pick you up; grapple onto it and wait until you're above the convoy with the witness inside. You might want to kill the enemies that shoot back at you on the two cars behind the target car so they won't be damaging you as you drop the witness off. Either way, hijack the witness's ride and take him to the delivery point to finish the mission.

Reapers Faction Mission: Checking the Menu

Rico's going to be doing a food run, and it'll be super simple. Hijack the food truck at the nearby gas station and drive to the target location. The catch is that you need to drive carefully, because you need to keep at least three of the food crates in the truck's bed when you get to the goal. Stay slow around corners and try not to do anything fancy so the food doesn't fly out of the truck.

Reapers Faction Mission: Chemical Heist

The government is working on a nerve gas to use against their enemies; Bolo wants to use it for herself against the regime. You need to steal some vials of the stuff so the Reapers can finish development of it. Using the helicopter next to you will take far too long; I suggest you find a long stretch of land and buy a Pell Silverbolt to use instead.

As you approach the base, Bolo will tell you about three vials that you need to steal, hidden inside three little buildings. To get inside, place an explosive on the roof and hop down to steal it, but be wary of automated turrets inside. You should naturally only steal a vial after the nearby enemies are dealt with. After you take two of them, a scientist will make a break for it with the last one. Scientists don't use guns, so killing him and taking the last sample will be a breeze.

You'll now need to place them in a refrigerator back where you started to keep the samples cold enough to where they won't evaporate. Using a helicopter might get you there in time, but since this entire facility has a flat ice floor, you may as well order another Silverbolt and get to the destination far before time gets close to running out.

Reapers Faction Mission: Clear Skies

For this mission, you'll just be hacking a computer and disarming the SAMs and etc inside a military base so the Reapers can safely travel by. On Casual difficulty, killing the enemies by the laptop won't be an issue, and the mission might last about two and a half minutes. On Hardcore, the enemy inside a tank will be a huge problem, especially since any cover near the laptop won't cover you all the way. Try to headshot him from afar before he gets closer.

Reapers Faction Mission: Death from Above

A military base needs to be "destroyed", which will really only consist of destroying four jets at the base. A helicopter will take you to the location after you grapple onto it. The four jets are positioned in a way so that the two in the back can be turned to shoot the jets further along the runway. Do this and make things easier; hijack the two in the back and blow up the other two. Then destroy the jets you used to do this with (preferably) a planted explosive or two, which will end the mission and give a victory to the Reapers.

Reapers Faction Mission: Driving Miss Stacey

A very open woman who works with the Reapers to gather information has been found out by her current date, a high-ranking military official named Boom Boom, and she needs rescuing. She won't go in any car except a limo, so take the pink one nearby to where Stacey is waiting for you and simply drive to the drop-off point. Along the way, Boom Boom will have set up a blockade and, true to his name, will be firing rockets at you with surprising accuracy. If you want to play it safe, park the limo and kill Boom Boom before taking Stacey any further.

Reapers Faction Mission: Helicopter Hangaround

Some military choppers are about to destroy a Reaper silo and will soon be taking off from a nearby base. Take the Sivirkin that Bolo leaves for you to use nearby and use it to fly up to the three choppers, and use your weaponry to shoot them out of the sky. This should be a very fast mission regardless of the difficulty.

Reapers Faction Mission: Hell on Wheels

Apparently, the cars that some Reapers took to reach a meeting have been rigged to explode as soon as they turn off the engine, so you're tasked with disarming the bombs on the cars so they can reach the meeting. It won't take long to reach the Reapers from where you start from. To disarm a bomb, move around the car until you're near the bomb, then hack it. But if the bombs are only going to explode if they turn off the engine, why don't they just keep it running and get out of the car?

Reapers Faction Mission: I Want to Break Free

One of the Reapers has been missing for a while, and it turns out he's been held hostage at a nearby military base/port, awaiting your rescue. They've kept him inside a shipping container that can only be opened through use of an explosive. Kill the nearby enemies and wait until the Reaper gets inside the tan vehicle by the container before taking off. After a short drive to the drop-off point, the mission will end.

Reapers Faction Mission: Jumping Parole

Saul Serkano, one of the best the Reapers has to offer, is about to be executed by the government. Jump off the nearby bridge to quickly get the drop on the convoy he's being held in and hijack the car he's sitting in. Then just drive him to the base of the mountain to the drop-off point to save his life and keep the Reapers' blood pumping.

Reapers Faction Mission: Pirate Broadcast

Bolo plans to broadcast a recording to spark rebellion against the government using their own radio tower. Head up the central tower (you might want to order a chopper) and you'll find four dishes that need to be readjusted so that you can download the video from the Reapers. Enemies or turrets will be guarding each of the four dishes, so be careful as you hack each one. You should be able to shoot enemies from near the ledge of one dish's tower if you want to make things easier for yourself.

With all four dishes realigned, Bolo will send you the video and the transmission will start. Quickly head to the very top of the tower before she even tells you to and get ready to plant two bombs (done with a button command and not actual planted explosives) on specific locations on the main antenna on the broadcast tower. As soon as the transmission is over, jump off the tower before the explosives detonate.

Reapers Faction Mission: Political Debate

Bolo wants to break a so-far-unbreakable politician, so you're going to be taking him to her. Jump down to the road below and hijack his limousine, then drive it all the way to the drop-off point. It'll be a long trip, but the limo can withstand a lot of enemy fire for whatever reason, so you should be able to make it if you just drive carefully.

Reapers Faction Mission: Slippin' and Sliding

One of Bolo's most favorite soldiers has been injured in a surprise attack at the ski resort. A doctor working for the Reapers is at a lodge just down the hill from the starting point, except the car you're given (and practically any other car) handles terribly on this kind of terrain. Make your way down the hill and pick up the doctor, which will start a countdown timer for when the soldier will die if not treated properly. It'll be a pain getting to the ski resort, but it's possible. If the car gets stuck or some other mishap, you can order another one and still have a chance of finishing the mission in time, so long as the doctor is able to come with you.

Once you reach the resort, the countdown will end, so you can continue the rest at your own pace. All you have to do now is help your fellow Reapers kill the government troops surrounding the buildings so the doctor can get to the wounded man. Two in the back have rocket launchers, so it'd be a good idea to kill them when they appear. The mission will end after the last enemy has fallen.

Reapers Faction Mission: Taming the Beast

For this mission, you'll be stealing a heavy-duty tank for the cause. This is a very simple mission; head over to the base that the tank is in, get inside, and drive to the drop-off point. This is made easier by the fact that you're inside a tank with intense firepower.

Reapers Faction Mission: The Broader Scope

Bolo will give you a sniper rifle and send you on your way to kill a government colonel that poses as a threat to the Reapers. Take the sniper rifle and parachute over to the sniping point. The guards at the cliff will spot you, which will give you some heat, but this won't alert the colonel to your presence, nor will they send in any backup. Kill them and get inside the small sniper's nest, aim at the colonel, and then fire when ready. This should be a very fast mission for you.

Reapers Faction Mission: The Setup

Rico's going to steal a government plane and attack another base with it, causing great repercussions to the man in charge of the first base you stole the plane from. Stealing the Leopard and flying to the other base isn't all that complicated, but you might be a bit confused on what you need to destroy in order for the objective to be complete. To finish the mission, you need to destroy the large radio tower in the center of the base. Once it starts to fall, fly out of there and use the plane for your own benefit, like finding new locations or shooting more Chaos structures around Panau.

Reapers Faction Mission: Ups and Downs

For this mission, all you have to do is run into the nearby military base and destroy a biofuel shaft. To detonate it, fall to the bottom of the many catwalks and railings surrounding the shaft and find a panel that you can hack. Do so and a loud countdown will start to beep in a few seconds. Use the grapple to get out of there fast, because you'll die if you're not far away enough from the biofuel shaft in time.

Roaches Faction Missions

Just Cause 2 | Roaches Faction Missions

Roaches Faction Mission: Airport Troubles

A captured Roach hacker broke and is willing to give the government secret codes and passwords in exchange for his life. Head into the airport and kill the pilot of the plane that Little Guy is in, then hijack the plane and take it up into the sky. After some time flying, he'll realize the situation he's in, and will give you the codes, as long ago you don't deliver him to Razman. You can use the plane however you want after this mission ends.

Roaches Faction Mission: An Officer and a Hitman

Razak wants you to kill one of the government's military leaders in retaliation for them having killed one of his own military leaders. Reach his mansion and destroy the SAMs in his backyard with grenades; two should do fine. I suggest sticking on the roof for cover and so you have the high ground for this part. After the SAMs are destroyed, the commander will leave his house, holding a missile launcher. He'll be tough to fight, but you should be able to kill him from the roof as well. After he's dead, Razman will note that this guy was nuts, and you might have just done the government a favor.

Roaches Faction Mission: Breaking and Entering

Inside a nearby military base is a laptop with some info that would do nicely in the Roaches' hands. Slingshot inside the base and find the computer, then hack it and stand nearby unitl the job is done. This should be a pretty quick mission.

Roaches Faction Mission: Head of State

Panay has destroyed one of Razman's friend's stores, just so he can build a statue of himself in its place. He wants you to take the statue's head to his friend as a get-well-soon present to his friend. Hop in one of the two tanks near the statue and blow it up, then grapple the head to the tank and drive carefully to the mansion. If you want to see what he's done with the head after the mission ends, climb up to the mansion's roof and watch the top of the large fountain in his backyard.

Roaches Faction Mission: Information Highway

An officer is on his way to give a major report, and it's in the Roaches' best interest that this information belongs to them. Very close to the starting point, the officer's convoy will drive farther up the road. Catch up to it and hijack his car, which will allow you to steal the data from him. It's another pretty quick mission.

Roaches Faction Mission: Keeping the Flow

The government is planning to blow up a road commonly used by the Roaches with four bombs. Drive along the road and disarm each of the four bombs; it's as simple as that. There should be a motorcycle nearby for you to use to reach the next bomb so you don't have to wait to steal a fast car.

Roaches Faction Mission: Mile High Club

The owner of the gentleman's club in the sky, the Mile High Club, has some dirt on Panay, and Razman wants to know what it is. He'll provide you with a helicopter for you to use to get there, but it'd be a lot faster for you to use a Silverbolt with takeoff space along the highway nearby. Fly up there and reach the first laptop, which will prompt the staff to attack you for the rest of the mission. Fight your way through the club and steal the intel from all three computers, and a bomb below deck will start to count down. Quickly run down there and kill everyone in the area, then plant a placed explosive on it.

Once you try to disarm the bomb, your efforts at hacking will fail to work, so you'll have to shoot the yellow mountings keeping the bomb under the deck. If you placed an explosive on it, you can just detonate it to break both at once. The bomb will explode underneath the Mile High Club, far away from causing any damage.

Roaches Faction Mission: Nothing to Declare

A traitor is a very bad thing, and one is leaving the airport very soon. You're going to be the one to kill him, so if you want to make this as easy as possible, sling yourself up in the air as high as you can as you head to the airport. As he takes off in a helicopter, grapple onto it (which you can do when he's within 75m of you) and then hijack it, tossing him out to face a long fall to death. You can also buy a chopper to use for yourself and stunt jump out of it so you're underneath it, allowing yourself to grapple onto him at a fixed position instead of having to adjust for gravity. If he gets away, you can continue to chase him in a chopper for quite a long time, but after a tour of Panau City the mission will fail. It should only take about a minute if you manage to grapple onto his chopper at the start of the mission.

Roaches Faction Mission: O Panay Redentor

After Razman gives you a bit too much information about his own personal problems, he'll tell you of a statue of Panay up in the mountains he wants torn down. A Quapaw will be provided for you to use to get there and bring the statue's head to the drop-off point. At the statue will be a few soldiers for you to kill, and another Quapaw at full health that you should use instead of the original. Your heat won't be reduced to zero, so don't bother waiting around, and grapple the head to the Quapaw when you're ready. After a brief flight to the drop-off and being attacked by enemy helicopters, the mission will end.

Roaches Faction Mission: Offensive Action

Razman will order you to destroy five silos at a nearby military base. Once at the base, consider two options that you could destroy the silos with. The first, if you have enough Chaos, would be to order a Sivirkin chopper and use it to destroy the silos quickly and easily, but you'll want to first take out the SAMs at the base. The second way to go about it would just be to run around the base without a vehicle, of course, and use your own weapons to destroy them. There won't be any enemy choppers for you to steal at the base itself, so it's up to you. To make this mission easier, you can destroy the SAMs before you start the mission.

Roaches Faction Mission: Paparazzi Pursuit

Someone has snapped some unfortunate photos of Razak's friend and his mistress, and he wants the man dead and the photos destroyed. Hop on the motorcycle at the start of the mission and the guy who took the photos will quickly appear on the road. The way you're supposed to kill him is by shooting him while on your bike as you chase him, but if you manage to catch up to him, stunt jump onto his bike to kick him out of it, immediately killing him. Once he dies, take the photos from his dead body and take them to a waste container that belongs specifically to the Roaches, so that they can be properly destroyed.

Roaches Faction Mission: River Runs Red

A small boat is trying to go upstream and deliver some supplies to a Roach warehouse, but there are two government-controlled floodgates along the route. Meet the bubbly Captain Singh and get in the turret as you take off. A chopper and a few boats will attack you on your way to the first floodgate, and despite your boat's very weak appearance, it can take a ton of damage. At the first floodgate, climb up the walls and hack the two panels to allow the Minerva to pass through.

Some more enemy vehicles will attack you as you approach the second floodgate. This second trip aboard the Minerva might glitch and the boat might go along the river at a snail's pace, which I unfortunately encountered, but it's not a common glitch at all. The second floodgate will open for you, but there are mines set at the end as a trap; take a nearby boat (or order one yourself) and drive into the mines, jumping out so you don't sink along with it. This will destroy the second wall of the gate, and Captain Singh will be able to go the rest of the way without your assistance.

Roaches Faction Mission: Smugglers Do Run

Some smugglers are using the Roaches' routes to do their own business, and Razman wants them out of the way before they might slowly take over the route for themselves. The boat he lets you use has a turret and rockets on it, and will be perfect for the job. Sail out of the port and the smugglers will soon dash through; catch up to them and use the boat's weaponry to destroy them. You should aim slightly ahead of the smugglers to compensate for their speed, as aiming at them will only put the rockets and bullets behind them.

Roaches Faction Mission: Stop the Press

A reporter from Singapore is doing a piece on Panauan corruption, and after not taking bribes from the Roaches, he'll just have to die. He'll soon be taking off in his own boat nearby, so take the heavily armed one that Razman gives you and chase after him. You should aim slightly ahead of the reporter to compensate for his speed, because aiming at him will only send your bullets to that exact location, not where the boat is at the moment.

Roaches Faction Mission: The Red or the Blue One?

The Panauan government is aiming to send the Roaches into poverty by destroying their drug refineries in Panau City. Take to the air with your parachute and head to the four refineries in order, killing the nearby soldiers and disarming the bomb set at each one. You're given a little over four minutes to disarm the bombs after the countdown starts, which should be more than enough time on even Hardcore difficulty. Some Roaches will be fighting the enemies at a few of the locations to back you up, and a demolition officer is guarding the last bomb, so be wary of the live grenades that drop after he dies.

Ular Boys Faction Missions

Just Cause 2 | Ular Boys Faction Missions

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Above the Law

A hacker has been sent to the top of a tall tower to mess with a satellite, but he needs backup so he can get the job done; that's where you come in. Take the chopper at the mission's start area to the top of the tower and kill the soldiers already at the satellite. The hacker will say that there's a missile launcher nearby for you to use to protect him, which is going to be quite useful against the enemy helicopters coming in. Upgrading the weapon in the black market will make this one more powerful; at base power, it'll take three missiles to down a single chopper, so it might be a good idea to beef it up first on Hardcore. On Casual, they won't be doing nearly as much damage to the satellite, so you'll have enough time to hijack one of them and use it against the rest. The hacker will be grateful for your help when he finishes his job.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Be Quick or He Be Dead

One of the Ulars, with sensitive information on his PDA, has been captured. He's shoved his PDA waaay up into his butt, and when he's killed, it'll be ruined by all of his gastric juices and other bodily fluids. The data will have to be downloaded from him remotely. Make your way to his location and stand in front of the door of the room he's being held in, then hack his PDA. A very small and underwhelming amount of enemy soldiers will rush you from the stairs to try to stop you, so shoot them when they appear. This should be an easy mission at either difficulty.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Bridging New Contacts

One of the Ulars needs to leave Panau fast, due to his previous actions, but he needs to reach an airstrip. He's on a bridge just in front of the mission's start, being attacked by government soldiers. Rescue him and drive his yellow car to the drop-off point. You might not even encounter any more soldiers for the rest of the mission after you rescue him.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Fender Bender

Sri Irawan wants to mess with a lieutenant that he hates by destroying all of his prized cars. At the base where they're all held is an AH-33 with machine guns and rockets that you can use to destroy all of his cars, but you'll want to watch out for SAMs; I highly suggest destroying them as soon as you get in the chopper. If the AH-33 is shot down, you'll just have to do the rest on foot or order a Sivirkin if you have enough Chaos to do so. To make things easier, you can also destroy the SAMs before you even start the mission.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Fry Me to the Moon

Four satellites are about to be launched at Cape Carnival, which not only will burn all of the soil around their launch points, but will further increase the regime's influence on the Panauan media. You're tasked with destroying them. To make this mission easier, you might want to head to Cape Carnival first and destroy all the SAMs in the area.

As you drive to Cape Carnival, use your parachute to launch yourself out of the car and up in the air. Parked on top of the first building you come across should be a chopper that you can use to destroy the satellites much faster than you'd be able to on foot, and you can shoot the satellites from farther than even 350m away. You'll be given more than ten minutes to destroy all three, which will be plenty of time for even Hardcore difficulty without a chopper.

After the three satellites are destroyed, a fourth satellite farther away will have begun to launch as a failsafe. Take the marked Si-47 Leopard in the nearby hangar and fly up to the satellite, then use its weapons to destroy it and end the threat.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Holy Smoke!

This is a perfect chance to get the achievement Killing Frenzy, so prepare for it by being very well-stocked up on ammo. I suggest using the machine gun, as it should take only one bullet anywhere on the body to kill a single soldier during this mission, even on Hardcore.

A temple just up the hill is currently being used to store raw opium, but it's been found out by the military. They're on their way to destroy the reserves right now, so get up to the temple and get ready to destroy it. A first wave of enemies will come from the east, followed by another to the south, and finally a third to the north. With the number of enemies in each wave, you should be getting the achievement during the second wave if you're fast enough.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Mercenaries Must Die

A legendary mercenary, who's been in conflicts all over the world, has been hired to train an anti-gang unit in Panau. He needs to die before he becomes a threat. Slingshot up the hill to find his little hideout and his group of soldiers. The soldiers should be your first priority so you only have to face the big boss at the end, who has a ton of health compared to anyone else in the game. Hopefully, for the sake of the three gangs, that wasn't just a body double.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: One Deadly Sin

A politician who wishes to make Panau a better place is becoming a problem for the Ulars, so he needs to die. Quickly rush to his limo and stunt jump to the top of it. The councilman himself will open his door and lean out of the car to shoot you, which makes killing him so much easier. Simply shoot him in the head a few times when he does so and make quick work of his assassination.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Pulling a Jeremy

One of the Ulars' government informants is in the area, and he's got some intel for them. Meet up with him and tell him the password, then get inside the yellow Ular car just behind him and take off to the drop-off point. Government troops will be scattered all along the route, but fortunately the informant (whose name I can only assume to be Jeremy) is going to be manning the turret on top of the car. Just be careful when driving, though, because that small frame means that the car tips over easily when you crash.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Rico's Day in Court

This is going to be an incredibly easy mission. Two witnesses need to die, and they're unarmed civilians. There are some snipers posted around the area to protect them, but it should be possible to ignore them completely and focus on the two witnesses before they get too far away from each other. You can use the grapple to tether one of them to the ground while you gun down the other.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Save the Forest

A logging company is setting up to wipe out a forest considered sacred to Ular tradition; these loggers need to be cut down. Drive to where some Ulars are waiting for you, and the party will drive with you into the facility. Destroy all three of their silos with explosives and the like to finish the main objective. Enemies won't respawn or call in backup, so you might also want to consider killing everyone before you do this.

After all three silos are destroyed, the foreman will burst out, manning a turret on top of a vehicle. He's going to be very hard to kill; the shield on the turret will be facing you when he's shooting you, of course, and planting explosives on the ground won't damage him directly. It's going to take either a lot of explosives (preferably planted on the vehicle itself so you don't have to wait for him to drive over the same spot over and over) or a lot of headshots to kill the foreman and end the mission.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Shakedown

Some guy is late on paying Sri back, so he's going to teach him a lesson by blowing up his entire convoy. He won't do it himself, of course, because he has you. using normal weapons will make this mission take forever, especially since you can't order more ammo to be dropped directly on top of a moving vehicle, so I highly suggest upgrading your placed explosives to at least rank 3 and having at least six explosives in your inventory before you start the mission (if you want to make it fast).

Take the bike he gives you to get to the convoy and stunt jump to the top of one of the vehicles. It'll take two rank 3 placed explosives to destroy one vehicle, so it's highly suggested that you follow the above advice. You should first kill any enemies that emerge from the vehicles to shoot at you so you're free to work with the grapple and plant bombs. Move around from the car in back to the front, placing two explosives at each one; when all six are set, use your parachute to leave the area and then detonate your bombs. The cars can technically withstand the two explosives, but will be sent to so low a health that they'll soon explode without any more intervention on your part.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Siphoning Gas

The Ular Boys have been stealing government gas for a long time, but they don't know how much the government knows about it. You're going to be doing some research on their research by stealing their data on the subject, located at three checkpoints. All of the laptops are very loosely guarded, so hacking them and taking the data won't be a problem at all.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Stranded

There's some Ular cargo lost on Bantu Island, the northwestern-most island of Panau, and it's been passed around that the island is haunted. Who better to send to the island than you? Fly to the island with a nearby airplane, or buy a Silverbolt if you want to get there faster, but your plane will be shot out of the sky. Make your way to the Ular stranded on the island, who will tell you that Japanese infantrymen set up an EMP device that destroys any air or sea vehicle that approaches the island; not only that, but they're still on the island, and think that World War II is still going on.

Drive your fellow Ular to the cargo so he can start packing it up onto the truck, and grapple your way to one of the two towers so that you can drain the power being given to the main system. It'll be a simple job of killing as many of the infantrymen as you can so you can hack the two terminals. Now that the power's out, climb up the main tower and destroy the pulse generator, then jump out before it explodes and return to the cargo.

You'll now have to drive the cargo truck down to the beach, which will be a long and winding road, so drive very carefully. The infantrymen along the way won't pose any problems, but you need at least three crates intact at the end of the mission. The path down is going to be directly in front of the truck and a bit to the right. After you return the cargo to the Ulars and finish the mission, don't forget that you can easily return to the main islands of Panau by calling in the black market dealer.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Taking Candy from a Millionaire

Sri likes race cars, so he's allotted your time to getting one for him, which you'll need to steal from a famous millionaire on the island. He'll be driving his Traver-Z just up the road, so getting to the car won't be a problem; dropping the car off won't be a problem either, because the worst amount of enemies you should encounter will just be a few guys trailing behind you. It doesn't matter what shape the car is in when you drop it off, as long as you don't destroy it.

Ular Boys Faction Mission: Taking Care of the Dishes

There's a nearby satellite base that somehow messes with Ular trade routes that needs to be destroyed, and at the base is a troublesome businessman from China that you may as well kill at the base while you're there. Head to the base, PAN MILSAT, and go to the southern tower of the base so that you can hack the first of two panels that will open the satellite's main component. Once the first is activated, the businessman will arrive on scene. Inflict as much damage as you can to him before he gets in his car and drives off; when he gets in the car, you can finish the job by planting explosives on his ride.

Now for the second panel, which is adjacent from the first. Kill the enemies guarding it and hack it, which will prompt a helicopter to appear and shoot at you. The best way to get rid of it, given the circumstances, would be to hijack it, and although it would be very useful in destroying the now-exposed satellite receiver, the SAMs at the base will shoot the chopper out of the sky as soon as you get in it. It'll take a lot of grapple work to get up to the top of the receiver, but once you're there, plant as many explosives as you can onto it before you hop off and detonate them.

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