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Posted on 15 April 18 at 00:25
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"Hangover is a story rich adventure with multiple endings.", quoted directly from the game's description.

Let me start by saying, avoid this misleading garbage at all cost. I must have had a hangover when I got this game, fooled by the positive reviews and intriguing description. But here are some facts:

+ It has easy achievements
+ It's over so quick that is a blessing (under 10mins)

- Rich adventure? In under 10mins? An insult to the genre.
- Multiple endings? Why would anyone replay this?
- Just 9 side-by-side rooms with 2-3 items highlighted by mouseover each
- No menu, no options, no background music, stock sounds
- Lack of scaling, looks like a 640x480 flash game

TL;DR: Hangover has been in my library for some time and now I understand why. GTT has counted 48 clicks from start to finish (for all achievements). So the best I could describe it, would be as a brief distraction and certainly not as a game. I have seen PowerPoint presentations with more detail and life and they were free. So save your money for something that's really worthy of your time.
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