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Posted on 19 May 17 at 16:47
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From Hyper Hippo Games comes the early access, free to play Guild Quest. In this game, you have just bought an island. What is there to do now? Why, fill it with quests and start levelling everything up!

This is by all definitions, a clicker game. You click to create quests, you click to level up adventurers and quests. That's all there really is to it. Albeit an interesting take on the traditional clicker game genre, this gets pretty boring, pretty quickly. I've been playing for 35 minutes, and I'm already bored.

Luckily, like with most clicker games, this one plays itself when you're not in the game, collecting XP and gold. Some achievements are really easy to gain. I just opened the game once a day, and one day I got the Level 25 achievement, and the second day I got 1 billion in your bank and Level 50 achievements. Most of the achievements are easy to get - fill an island, max all quests, max all guild members. Just max it all as you go along after letting the game farm itself, and you can unlock all three when you select the last quest on the island.

This has some fun moments, but it's got boring really, really quickly. This is now purely an achievement hunt rather than a game I can kick back and enjoy. Not really recommended, but there are definitely players out there that will love this one.
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